Goodbye Kiss for Camera (Wonderland Addendum)

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Addendum to Wonderland III;
Anonymous said...

I've read your posts and i think i follow you.
I still don't understand what the point is.
Am I missing something?

October 10, 2009 5:52 PM

the puzzle [piece] is icing on the cake

Anonymous- I know exactly what you mean. In fact, it was my own search for a "point" that inspired this research. After my discovery of synchromysticism [via the Comic Book Cycle], I tried desperately to share it with those around me. Whenever I was able to get someone to suspend disbelief long enough to follow the logic, without fail, your question was the first one they'd ask. What's the point?

In a word: context.

Without the context of a Third Eye, the L'oreal advertisement above is just a picture of a pop star seemingly very happy with her makeup. Context is the envelope in which messages reach us, and how we make sense of them... how we see the "point" of them. My last "addendum" was Speechless: Medium is Message. As I see it, context is the medium, and therefore is the true message.

On this blog, I try to point out the prevalence of symbols and archetypes most of us see in media, and find the meaning within their context. For example, one of the first patterns outlined here was the Woman in Red [waaay back in Mother/Mater/Matter]. I got The Matrix's message about the system and distraction, but I just felt there was more.

Once I dug past the obvious surface context of the red dress representing sex and temptation, the symbol came to point towards the sacred feminine as a connection to the inner drives and passions at the core of humanity. Looking deeper, I found patterns involving Red Riding Hood that connected those inner drives to intuition [here]. That path led me to new ideas about psychic mediums, and soon enough I found myself at Medium is Message, and right back to the Woman in Red.

Mad Men, Season 1, Episode 6, "Babylon"

"To deny our own impulses is to deny
the very thing that makes us human.

-Mouse, in defense of the Woman in Red

Madonna's Red Queen Wedding Dress

see wonderland 3

peep the doll; more on that later

A large part of the "point" of all this is to tap into the intuition/impulse of the reader to sense the depth of context behind a pattern; to get a reader/listener to begin asking themselves "what's the point" of the coincidences he/she is already aware of.

Sometimes, it doesn't take much to get the subconscious alarms going...

Lady GaGa was escorted to the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards by Kermit the Frog. As she exited her limousine, she turned back, leaned in, and in a perfect paparazzi moment, kissed Kermit on his velvety lime-green puppet lips. Another pop star trying desperately to be seen? Definitely. However, it didn't take long for appropriate patterns to start begging questions...

This holiday season, Disney will be releasing a 2-D animated film featuring the first-ever black Disney Princess. I can find plenty of reasons to be offended by this film, but first among them is the fact that Princess Tiana had to make out with an amphibian to get on the squad. The original well-known fairy tale is a Brothers Grimm story, and has no discernible connection to African American culture. Could this questionable move by Disney and Lady GaGa's red carpet stunt simply be coincidence?


This is where that feeling comes in. I'm beginning to learn that when the splinter comes, it's not long before the pattern in question reaches back into previous explorations.

Anika Rose and her doll alter-ego

The actress voicing Disney's new princess is Anika Noni Rose. Anika's last major film role was alongside Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls. Her appearance here completes the trinity; Jennifer Hudson's role in The Secret Life of Bees [mentioned here] paved the way to the Bee-yonce patterns due to the duo's Academy Award performance in twin red dresses.

Now all three dreamgirls have appeared at The Patternist, and all three brought their own context to the table. In addition to the fact that her last name is Rose, Anika starred in a stage production of Carmen Jones, a play mentioned here in Beyonce's connection to the Woman in Red in the(Bee)yoncé(Know)les.

King Henry VIII's favorite ship was called The Mary Rose

The Princess and The Frog (which is a Bizarro world reversal of the original story's title, The Frog Prince) is set in New Orleans, so naturally the storyline will be drenched in sugar-coated nods to the vodou culture kept alive there by the descendants of African slaves; the main villain is a witch doctor and our main character gets guidance from a blind seer-mother. The vodou angle points to the previously-covered concepts of channeling, possession and the female medium (oracle-seer), and also resonates with the use of vodou dolls in Coraline [discussed briefly in Wonderland 2] and 9.

Here it is again. I feel there is more significance to the patterns of dolls and embodied spirit as they relate to the Wonderland series; my image search turned up more than a few interesting examples. Most notably there were some strange connections involving dolls, spirits and the wedding dress mentioned at the beginning of Wonderland 3...

The Corpse Bride; living dolls playing dead people

Jennifer Tilly gets reverse-possessed to get Mary'd

...but unless I want to keep writing all night, this is another digression that will have to get glossed over. These images just serve as further confirmation that Lady GaGa's place in the pattern is not without merit, and that her outlandish VMA outfits are somehow significant. In context.

In sharp contrast to the wedding dress, GaGa's kermit-kissing red carpet outfit consisted of an full-length feathered black gown and a gold mask covering half of her face.

P!nk and Kylie Minogue (again) half-masked

What is the deal with the pattern of the left eye? Ever since I started paying attention to the symbolism associated with pop stars, I keep seeing this imagery; one eye covered, or one eye emphasized... I see this as connected to the idea of a medium, perhaps as a representation of the strange relationship between medium and content, but this is one pattern -for example- that I feel has deeper context than I now see.

But, I digress.

EDIT: just had to add this...

I always thought there was something strange about Kermit and Miss Piggy...


  1. I can't even begin to THINK about adding to that bruther...
    Just wanted to say that was sweet...
    Keep it up...!

  2. Transcend: thanks a million. that's precisely my mission in writing these... i do have a few things i still might add here, though. thanks for following the craziness. great work, by the way.

    Dennis: what? where'd you get that?

  3. I have a strong intuition that the "left eye" phenomenon you mention is something about seeing and incorporating individual consciousness into consensus reality. "Seeing what you want to see in the world" in other words.

  4. Kermit and Miss Piggy?
    agreed. Strange.
    I have so much nostalgic love for Kermit, but mostly a strong dislike of her.
    I probably shouldn't explore this. I identify a little with Kermit. . .

  5. mark: i dig. that's along the lines of what i was saying in the last paragraph about the connection between the content (the pattern) and the medium (us). just as i was starting along this path, a friend of mine gave me that cliche'd critique: "if you look for anything hard enough, you'll find it". he meant it in a discrediting way, but i soon saw how much relevant truth was in that...

    ishmael: i hear you! it's not easy being green. i had to stop myself from exploring; just didnt feel right. plus i really needed to move on. but that miss piggy used to really piss me off, man. she was always yelling and hitting the other muppets...

  6. I have heard that the left eye (or it's corresponding qi point) is used for doing evil.


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