Mother / Mater / Matter / Matrix... call me Sophie

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The Mother of the Matrix
Sophia Stewart speaks;
the original writer of The Matrix and The
states her case, and drops some knowledge...

part one

part two

part three

part four

part five

* * * * * *

The Myth of Sophia — In Nine Parts

Alchemical image of Sophia as a Tree of Learning,

and source of the Elixir of Life


* * * * * *

Were You Looking at The
Woman in the Red Dress

* * * * * *


  1. Beautiful images there.

    You may find my BTB article, The Crimson Queen, interesting.


  2. Arrowsmith23 pointed me over to you bee post pointing to witchblade! Awesome stuff btw....

    im seeing the same thing with my woman warriors! I seen in your labels you had a Sophia post :)so i had to take a boo.


    I like how u linked the 3 of cup tarot*Abundance

    'three of cups'- ones mans mission to fight terrorism, and build nations one school at a time...

    so the 4th 'cup' above must be the ace!


  3. I just started reading up on your work; i see our research has CROSSed paths more than once. This sophia stuff just keeps growing the more i look. I wanted to devote a post to her, but i keep finding pieces to the puzzle.

    Interesting links. the cups and the spade remind me of the chalice and the blade (witch-blade?), the as above, so below philosophy.

    I'm far from an expert on tarot, so any comments you can offer on my stuff is appreciated.

  4. in order for us to wake up it is the customer being right and the citizens taking the message to the masses and the elders wonvision09 you tube and let it download first


  6. hey vigilant citizen, been following your work, luv it. i found this site shorly after finding yours, this will hopfully guide you to answers about why popstars seem to cover one of there eyes, http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=1676

  7. Much appreciated Anonymous!

    and thanks for following; i worry about how many readers i lose because they have to read a few of the articles before it starts to really make sense...

    thanks for the link. i'm familiar with the occult symbolism in pop imagery; i agree wholly with the concept of pop music as hypnosis. what does this mean when we think of it in terms of 'medium is message'? how do we approach 'illumination'? getting enlightened is what the Industry Exposure Movement is all about, and it appears to be a promoted by The Industry...

    i feel there is more to The All-Seeing Eye than Big Brother. We recognize the soul through the eye.

    also; the covered eye, i believe, has as much meaning as the emphasized one.

    one eye[i] open = all seeing

    one eye[i] closed = ?

    how about this;

    1 i open, all c-ing outward
    1 i closed, all c-ing inward

    for balance...

  8. I, of course, a newcomer to this blog, but the author does not agree

  9. greetings newcomer: the author? of...

  10. It's funny how a lack of evidence can somehow point to truth. Allow me to clarify. I stumbled across your blog, and decided to start from the beginning. I proceed to this particular post, with it's particularly interesting title, and the images are broken. Trying to follow your disclaimer in the upper right hand corner, I try to reload the page or refresh the images...to no avail. Hmm, strange. But surely I can just click the link that highlights the name right? Ah but of course the wiki page has been deleted. Hmmm, strange. Oh well, I could just watch the videos you posted. Or not, as they've been deleted by the poster. Curiouser and curiouser. And the proverbial icing on the cake, I Google Sophia Stewart. As I weed through the results about a British actress, I come across a myspace link for Sophia Stewart, Mother of the Matrix. As I hover to see the preview page, something very interesting shows up. I will have to link you to a screencap to communicate this:


    Now, of course the image that it shows is a placeholder that doesn't actually show up when you click the link. I normally would think nothing of this, if not for the fact that the first post of yours I came across was the one that has an image of Beyonce at the very top, with the puzzle piece charm bracelet. Not to mention the 3rd eye reference. "The Third Eye". Is this not exactly your point? I found it very entertaining. It's actually the reason I will continue reading. I was considering whether or not I should, you see, but the answer is now in front of me. Haha, doesn't it always happen this way...?

  11. That comment just made my day!! really! awesome. something about the whimsy of synk research keeps me smiling.. lets me know something is going right.

    the 'puzzle piece' article, Goodbye Kiss for Camera is actually one of my favorite articles. the synks there are very powerful, but ONLY within the context of other articles, which the reader may or may not have read. if they haven't the effect is lessened but it still has an effect.

    thank you so much for your comment; i hope u will continue to read and comment. this blog is far from finished with me despite the lack of recent updates. so much has been happening.. and i will correct the broken links on this page ASAP :) peace

  12. I will definitely continue. I feel like my brain has atrophied due to the drudgery of daily life. I am in desperate need of thought stimulation. I think this will help. And I believe that the comments I will contribute might stimulate your thoughts in return.

  13. Thanks for sharing your videos so interesting please keep update your blog I always reading this.


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