Wonderland III

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Continued from Wonderland I, and Wonderland II:

left eye unveiled

Bye Bye Birdy...

It's been an honor and a pleasure. Everything that has a beginning has an end...

"The city of sin is a pity on a whim
Good girls gone bad, the city's filled with them
Mami took a bus trip and now she got her bust out
Everybody ride her, just like a bus route
Hail Mary to the city you're a Virgin"

-Jay-Z, "Empire State of Mind"

Throughout this experience, I have gone back and forth time and again about the practicality of centering my recent research on the pop culture posturing of Beyonce. It's not just a question of worthiness - are there better places to be looking for patterns - it's also a question of reality. Beyonce's perceived reality, her public image, is almost completely fabricated. How can I trust it to give accurate clues to the answers of philosophical cosmic questions?

I don't. I trust my own eyes and ears. When I saw Beyonce performing "Hail Mary" in an open-faced wedding dress, I felt like I was being screamed at. That's what this research is beginning to feel like. Being screamed at.

Mary Mary Red Blue

The wedding dress is an obvious symbol of purity and chastity, not to mention sacred union. Performing with an open wedding dress is in and of itself a statement about the juxtaposition of the sacred with the sexual. Performing "Ave Maria" in such an outfit takes the point further, since Maria could refer to Mary, The Holy Mother [sacred] or Mary Magdalene, the accused prostitute [sex]. And since we're talking about weddings, it seems significant that Mary Magdalene was (allegedly) married to Jesus. Perhaps the notion that a trinity of Marys visited Jesus' tomb is also worth noting. Perhaps a connection to the term "marriage" (lets get Mary'd) is more than coincidence.

MaDonna, Our Lady, Maria, Like a Virgin

the open veil; Our Lady GaGa...

Neo: I thought it wasn't real.
Your mind makes it real.

I was asked recently about the concept of overlapping patterns; I was literally at a loss for words. I started talking nonsense. Making extensive references to older articles has become necessary for every new one. There almost appears to be just one pattern, and I just get to see pieces at a time.

cross her heart...

First there was the(Bee)yoncé(Know)les, a study of Beyonce's connection to trinity and the first mention of her robot glove and it's connection to Oz's Tin Man. In Ego Eye, Idol Hand, Robot Heart, I discussed the glove further, explaining the beyonce-bot through Artificial Intelligence and Witchblade comics. The robot theme spilled over into Rhythm Heaven, Red Robots, Angels and Aliens spotlighting Ciara and the theme of split-personalities/dualism. A few posts later, an interesting comment inspired Sacred Sex, Popped Stars and the Holy Babble which brought Beyonce back centerstage addressing classic western views of sexuality. Speechless: Medium is Message continued that discussion with some new philosophies on duality in pop. After a long break, I started Wonderland, which was meant to be Beyonce's farewell. I guess it kinda had to be a trilogy all along.

both the white and red queens bow to gold

glove love at the 2009 VMA's

At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, Beyonce gave up her acceptance speech time for pop-country songstress Taylor Swift (middle name: Alison) after Kanye West interrupted Swift's acceptance speech to protest the singer's [obviously undeserved] win over Beyonce for Best Female Video.

Taylor's VMA Photoshoot; Little Girl Lost in Big City

They just happened to both be wearing red dresses. Coincidence? Maybe. But once I saw Lady GaGa take the stage for her acceptance speech, that coincidence pretty much went out [into] the window.

what's wrong with M&M

Lady Gaga changed outfits 4 times during the show (six if you count the post-show leotard and the after-party wedding dress pictured above), but for her one moment in the spotlight sun -for her own acceptance speech- she happens to be dressed as Wonderland's Red Queen, crown and all.

The White Queen, The Red Queen's Wonderland counterpart, has already been mentioned here via "Ave Maria". I don't quite understand the meaning behind this red/white duality yet. On the surface, I relate it to the whole good-girl-gone-bad pop trend, but I feel there is more complexity underneath.

"...when the Divine descends into the field of time, there is suffering, and there is compassion. The way back 'up' to the Divine is through the sacrifice. The gift is the door, the Holy Grail, the way between the pairs of opposites."

Scene from The Fall

In The Matrix: Revolutions, Explained, Brian Takle breaks down the yin and yang of Neo by connecting the allegorical roles of Neo as compassion and Agent Smith as suffering. I see the compassion/suffering duality reflected in Revolutions' [queen] Persephone; as the White Queen, she suffers through her husband's infidelity, staying by his side, and has the compassion to lead Neo to his key[maker]. The dichotomy fits Mother Mary and the Magdalene as well, especially if we view Ms. Magdalene as a prisoner of her label [whore]; obeying the rules of Wonderland. Hence the shiny neckwear...

In case the syncs here aren't confirmation enough, Monica (middle-name Maria) Bellucci, the actress pictured above playing the red/white queen, also starred as -get this- a prostitute-turned-surrogate-mom in 2007's Shoot Em Up, the "Mirror Queen" in 2005's The Brothers Grimm, and Mary Magdalene herself in 2004's Passion of the Christ. Duality for days...

Monica Bellucci as Magdalen in The Passion

Bellucci, the queen, bathed in red from The Brothers Grimm

In Lady GaGa's VMA performance, the duality is confirmed when she turns a white [rabbit] costume red with blood. To make maters worse, she did it with one glove, complete with ruffles and lace (in case anyone missed the wedding dress connection). One hand covered in red blood, the other gloved in white lace. The placement of this bleeding is also telling; we can interpret this as some sort of stomach wound, or, given the spillage at her crotch and thighs, and her posture, a symbolic representation of a bleeding womb.

White Rabbit, Bloody Mary, sounds like a crazy person...

I could go into the imagery and context of the many references to womb attacks in film, but this piece is already running long, so I'll have to ask you to just fill in the patternistic blanks with your own memories. Can't think of any? Try these: Alien 3, X-Men:The Last Stand, Constantine, The Mummy Returns... Hint: the attacks in these films all happened near the end. Moving on...

"Like the movie itself, there is a lot of word play, a lot of hidden other meanings, a lot of multiple meanings... we also like the mathematical definition of the use of 'matrix', or the use of it in terms of a woman's womb."

-The Wachowski Brothers, when asked about the title of The Matrix

Two weeks after the awards, MTV curiously played The Matrix:Revolutions as their primetime friday night movie. For the past few months, I've been rethinking this movie and the depth beneath the explosions and one-liners. The penetration of Zion's spherical shell by the sentinels seems to represent the penetration of an egg, or a womb ("deep underground... where it's still warm [hel]"), sentinels being the mechanical sperm. Something to ponder.

But again, I digress...

Lady Gaga's VMA costumes seemed completely ornamental at first; just a scream for attention. I wish I'd put the costume-show connections together myself, but someone else had already solved the puzzle for me without even knowing what they'd done. Awake while sleeping.


props to the industryexposed crew...

Lady GaGa's Middle

Shortly before this post was started, a rumor floated around that Lady Gaga was a hermaphrodite (someone born with both male and female genitalia). The rumor's source was suspect, and her camp denied it publicly, but for the purposes of the pattern, the truth of the rumor is irrelevant. Her projected image enforces the androgyny purposefully (just as with Madonna), and her public over-dedication to representing homosexuals worldwide pushes the point further.

"I’m gay. My music is gay. My show is gay. And I love that it’s gay. And I love my gay fans and they’re all going to be coming to our show."

Lady Gaga in drag

Androgyny -by way of girl-boy role swapping- has become a large part of homosexual culture, and in [less-than] subtle ways, pop culture. Our own Beyonce made it plain with her first video released from the I Am... Sasha Fierce album, "If I Were A Boy" (follow-up to Ciara's "Like A Boy"), and hinted at it with "Single Ladies."

...it's a man, baby

Beyonce, "Suga Mama" video

Anyone paying attention probably noticed Mariah (Mary) Carey's entry into this pattern with her new video "Obsessed" which curiously shares it's name with Beyonce's latest film role, and features Mariah dressed as a man. Mariah has also repeatedly done the alter-ego thing; first in her videos and lately in her album concept for The Emancipation of Mimi.

mirror queen in red from Mariah's

After her emancipation via I Am..., Beyonce's alter-ego adopted many of the stylistic signatures of drag queen culture [big hair, exaggerated eye make-up, sequins, etc], and started wearing padded leotards, hiding her natural curves behind the artifice of "glam".

Just what is that big-ass bow hiding?

The leotard, by the way, was actually designed to be a unisex garment...

In Magic Mirrors Part 1 : Through the Looking Glass, fellow researcher Yeshua breaks down the reoccurring leotards in the pop pattern; besides being a unisex garment, the leotard immediately makes you think of dancing. One one hand, dancing is a form of disassociation (move your feet, go someplace in your head) and commonly used to portray MK-Ultra-esque themes of conformity and control (don't think, just dance, follow the steps)...

Compassion / Suffering

leotards behind bars

Amber Rose, [warning; explicit] addressed below

Amber Rose, addressed below

On the other hand, a recent nightclub trip also re-revealed to me the spiritual power of dance; music taps the rhythm of spirit, and dance connects that spiritual rhythm to our physical [e]motions. Like so many things, it seems the best perspective is somewhere in the middle.

In the medium. In the media. In the [edit: mirror of the] message of the medium of the music of the ma-donna. According to Marshall McLuhan...

The above image is a still shot from Madonna's video "Hung Up", where she slips into a dreamworld with a dance. After a passionate homage to Travolta's famous choreography from Saturday Night Fever and Grease, she wakes up, having passed out on the floor of her dance studio. It was all a dream.

Rihanna mirrored and leotarded in "SOS"

The cover features the Madonna in trinity, and the title reminds me of the image from Sacred Sex of Madonna "hung up" on a cross, as well as some Beyonce stage strangeness...

...and P!nk's purple, one-legged leotard performance at the 2009 VMA's, which mirrored the finale of Lady GaGa's stage circus.

purple = red + blue

P!nk in purple, Madonna getting "Hung Up"

Before Lady Gaga was Lady Gaga, she was Stefani. Stefani released an album sans ornament called Red and Blue. In Wonderland Part 1, I observed the masculine/feminine duality of the red/blue symbolism that pushed its way into my studies of the medium in Gnosis/Hypnosis/Hypocrisy/Heresy and Know/Now/No/Gnosis/Hypnosis...

This eerie coincidence combined with GaGa's affinity for leotards seems to confirm the androgyny theme further.

Beyonce, her boyish sister, her masculine other-self

Like Madonna, Lady GaGa's projected androgynous image is very indirect and almost completely illusory, and therefore completely arguable, unlike the popularly occult androgyne she patterns her image after, David Bowie.

lightning strikes double

Kylie Minogue, Again

Fortunately, this pattern offers much more concrete examples of popstar gender confusion. Kanye West attended the VMA's with a previously unknown exotic dancer who goes by the pattern-appropriate name Amber Rose.

the blind following the blindfolded

Opening Scene from Aeon Flux

Ms Rose more than satisfies the pattern: a) she'll be playing the robot goddess in Kanye's upcoming "Robocop" video, b) she came to the VMA's dressed in a snake-skin catsuit, and c) in a recent photoshoot, she emulated western pop's most famous black androgyny symbol, Grace Jones.

caged androgynous heat

I mean c'mon now...

The pattern of androgyny reveals the push by the pop culture string-pullers to fuel the flames of gender confusion that were sparked by the acceptance of cross-dressing pop icons like David Bowie and Grace Jones. This is where the blurry line between "artificial" synchronicities and cosmic synchronicities is revealed. The transcending of traditional gender roles is a logical step in our society's progression, and has become a sign of liberation for women (and men) looking to upset the status quo (i.e., the short boyish haircut vs. the long, flowing model-esque locks). The zenith of this boy-girl pattern was reached in the 1980's, and, as trends go, is being revived/re-interpreted in our time. Perhaps the passing of our greatest symbol of androgyny on June 25th was more timely than we can know.



  1. Cliff hanging post.I hear a can of worms being opened. I Knowles this wont be the last we hear of ya girl.

  2. Excellent post!

    The pattern is pervasive and quite overwhelming.

    I recently posted an article on the double-headed phoenix entitled: THE END OF AMERICA: Signs, Symbols and Wonders!, based on the appearance of the American Police Force (APF) in Montana. After reading your article, I couldn't help but see pattern in terms of the colors: red and white. Perhaps, you might want to have a look at the logo for the APF.

    The Phoenix is a symbol of the spirit of the sun and of the spiritual principal in general. Perpetually rising from the fiery red fire and ashes into a luminous white light essence, symbolic of the struggles of the celestially spiritual principles.

    Red and white is of mystical significance, since red signifies the color of the sun: a symbol of energy, radiating its vitalizing life-force into human beings. White is a sacred and pure color. It's the color of angles and gods, as the color reflects that which is sacred and pure. The combination of both suggests man's urge to create a bond between his own life and that of the gods. Ergo, the continual and perpetual usage of the red and white with the Phoenix symbol.

    Finally, on the lightning. It should be noted that Barack in Barack Obama means "Lightning" in the Hebrew language. Lightning is also used to symbolize birth pains or labor signs. Given the imagery of red blood on pop starlets like Gaga and Obama's new responsibilities at the UN and G20, it appears that we are witnessing the birthing of a New World Order of the Ages.

  3. hmm...interesting the above commentor revealed barack obama meaning lightening: in certain santeria-inclined minds, he is representative of lightening god/orisha shango....

    anyway, you know i always love your posts.,..the monica belluci as magdalene and persephone is something i've been exploring myself...

  4. Wonderful.

    Your path is delightful.

    I have a little more on Monica. I've actually been looking at her for a while trying to understand my infatuation w/ the archetype.

    Most recently I found her kissing Keanu in 1992's *Dracula* as one of Dracula's 3 brides. So what is Satan's wife doing kissing Jesus? well. . .

    Her name in the Matrix says it all. Persephone. She is the High Priestess, and my infatuation has to do more with what she guards, than her. She sits before the veil, and naturally one confuses knowledge of her (Biblically) with knowledge of death and what's beyond.

    Roman Polanski had this problem. It is in the news. Why is the maiden, a particular type of maiden--such a temptation?

    Monica is the bride of Hades. But she is also the bride of Jesus, and so . . .

    I leave you with this.
    Excellent work. I love your stuff.

  5. This is my favorite entry of yours so far (I say that every time I read one of your entries).

    I love your comment about the spiritual elements of dance, that's something I'm exploring at the moment in an upcoming entry on Madonna's "Bedtime Story" video.

    The Fall Out Boy cover is interesting. The eye is behind the peephole. Unlock the door of imagination and dance into consciousness. Interesting.

    Once again, amazing as usual.

  6. Wonderful post!!!!

    Did you hear about Beyonce's father, Matthew Knowles is being sued for a paternity DNA test because he got some young lady knocked up?! More and more information comes out about this family.... I wonder what's next for them?


  7. Gaga on SNL last night : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtJNyzw2Y24

  8. Hey a virgin to the post.

    But absolutely spell binding.

    Keep going and growing.

    Can't wait to read more. I love how you tie everything together in a way that most can understand as long as we take the time to carefully read.

    There is so much there I could easily miss something. Its a good thing though it brings me back for more and more.

  9. Master Magus, exquisite, salient observations, once again. Thank you. As a practitioner of a Tradition that also deifies the androgynous, I was crowned the Divine Androgyne a year ago during our Bealtainne procession, alongside two others who were crowned the Lord & the Lady, or the May King & Queen.

    Although in the Gospel when the King of Kings says that the male must become female, the female male, and the adult a child again before one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven, he was clearly speaking of an inner alchemical SPIRITUAL process.

    The Divine Feminine has, indubitably, returned to the Pop arena with full force, as you magnificently document here. And like the raw destructive forces of Dame Nature Hirself, She is a Power to be reckoned with once again. See Elizabeth HAND's 1995 novel, Waking the Moon, wherein an ancient goddess returns to the Earth with devastating results.

    Someone who goes way, way back him(s)elf,
    Anadæ Effro (•8-D}

  10. Hello, I'm from Brazil, I think its very interesting work, wanted to know if I could translate their materials into Portuguese, transforming them into videos, I translated a material Lenon Honor, of course with his permission, I wonder if you give me permission to translate and transform their work in video??
    This is my channel on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/kaikeucho
    I simply want to translate and transform to Portuguese, so that people of my country can see, you give me permission???, of course the work credit is all yours.
    my msn if you want to say something: tiago_kapuxo@hotmail.com

  11. Posted at 07:07:00PM!

    "I don't quite understand the meaning behind this red/white duality yet. On the surface, I relate it to the whole good-girl-gone-bad pop trend, but I feel there is more complexity underneath."

    I know how you feel. This was the first synch theme I attacked on my blog (the posts before it were just copied over from a forum), and it has come up again in more recent posts.

    And I also feel where you're coming from when you said: "I was asked recently about the concept of overlapping patterns; I was literally at a loss for words. I started talking nonsense. Making extensive references to older articles has become necessary for every new one. There almost appears to be just one pattern, and I just get to see pieces at a time."

    It seems like every post is a continuating of a previous post, but I guess that's the definition of a journey isn't it? Gotta have that first step, then second and so on. And when you wonder how you got here, you look back and see all those previous ones necessary to put where you are currently at. "I'm not here because of the path the lies before me, but the one that lies behind me." - Morpheus (paraphrased)

    Anyways, I enjoyed the read :D

  12. the comments here are just terrific.

    i appreciate all the positivity. i still cant believe that other people can see these patterns! i always feel like i take things too far (yet somehow i also feel like it's never enough)...

    these comments really are overwhelming; so many directions at once... it will take me some time to get back to you [all] on [all] that.

    thanks again.

  13. I think your onto something with the Matrix womb, don't forget that the film ends with the death of one Sun (Neo/Jesus) and the birth of another Sun (Sati/Willing sacrfice).

  14. Ive read your posts and i think i follow you. I still dont understand what the point is. Am I missing something?

  15. Interesting comment anonymous.

    What is the *point* of synchromysticism?

    and then naturally,

    What is the *point* of dreams?


    What is the *point* of life?

    How about this pickle:

    Can one let life lead and yet still not believe in fate or God?

    It is game man. It's a play. None of this is real. You need to be emotionally involved to enjoy it, but there is still the meta quality of being able to stand back and analyze both the plot and characters. Is the story symbolic? Is there a deeper meaning to be gained from examining the work more closely?

    I don't know, but. . .

    The Patternist has an incredible eye. He can see.

    I guess that is my understanding of the point.

  16. anonymous: it's all one big cliffhanger! beyonce will always be nearby, but other spots of light on the pattern have been calling...

    andre: thank you! pervasive indeed, but only overwhelming when i try to bottle it.

    good work on that post! you always cover your bases. red/white is the phoenix, the sun, the divine interplay with the carnal... nice. fits perfectly with mary/mary and red/blue. as these come together, we get the new age, born with struggle, pain, lightning... celestial power strikes earth and heart. zap!

    48: great sync! i am looking into shango. hopefully i will be able to fit orisha and friends into my next pattern. i have been strangely drawn to patterns in african vodou recently... i'm changing gears, but oshun is still popping up in my observations. also; i keep seeing Bananas in patterns having to do with vodou-esque possession/dance. any ideas?

    ishmael: thankyouthankyou! the path is something else isnt it?

    the 3 brides of dracula have always fascinated me. especially since vampires have such a wonderful allegorical connection with divinity and death-vs-life. much like the greek persephone. i hope to involve Hades/dracula in my next study, but sometimes things kinda go where they please round here. you mentioned the veil; i wanted to write a few paragraphs in the opening of this post just on the veil, but i started getting self-conscious about the length.

    Polanski's story befuddles me. thanks again.

    yeshua: i'm so glad to have your input. i was going to write more on dance and spirit, but something told me you weren't done with it, so i decided to wait and see where you went. dance into consciousness. wow.

    I'm workin on an addendum now -took a break to respond- hope to address these comments and "the point" therein.

    more responses comin!

  17. Great view...I am a big fan of the leotard from a fashion and cultural perspective and decided to create a blog dedicated to VINTAGE LEOTARDS: http://athletiart.blogspot.com/

    Please visit and let me know what you think.


  18. In my suspicions, androgyny or more precisely, "gender transcendence" is the destiny of humanity imagined by the Book of Revelations. Angels are both inclusive of and beyond gender. Is the human species currently expressing its inherent bisexuality to a greater degree, what Freud calls "latent bisexuality" in all humans? After all, the species has a long past of transgressing gendered heteronormativity from Landston Hughes, Malcolm X, to Alexander the Great & Hephaistion to Akhenaton & Smenkhakare as well as King David & Prince Jonathan/ the Prophet Daniel and the Eunuch Ashpenaz, the priests of the Hebrew Goddess Ashera, Lover of Jah, etc., etc.

    Even Jah has an androgynous symbolism. Isn't Jah a Lion, a Cat and therefore, a big Pussy?
    If Jah is infinite, Jah is every kind of pussy. Jah is the Eve of Everything, the Cat of Catalyst, etc.

    the incessant, obsessive-compulsive demonization of the Androgynous, specifically the Homoerotic, is of significance in the global ecosystem. The question is, what does this demonization mean? why is the most "Evil" thing in the world imagined by so many people as "Gay"?

    Why does the word "Evil" seem to disrespect humanity's Mother "Eve"?

    Why is Feminine Masculinity so disturbing or so humorous for so many people?

    Feminine Masculinity has not always been disturbing/ humorous, and is not disturbing/ humorous everywhere. Japanese and Korean "bishonen" boy bands are an acute example of this: the glorification of Feminine Masculinity as a pinnacle of heteroerotic and homoerotic desire. In West Africa, the Feminine Masculinity of Woodabe tribesmen of Fulani culture is displayed when they dress up and put on make-up to be judged in beauty pageants by women, a centuries long tradition. The Feminine Masculinity of Hindu Deities like Krishna, Vishnu or the often androgynous Shiva is famous; this also true for ancient Egyptian deities like Ra or Nun.

    If we comprehend that Nature as "Mother Nature' is ENTIRELY Feminine, including the "Class" Mamma-lia, we can see that masculinity is a type of Femininity; masculinity comes from Femininity. There are species that exist entirely as Feminine, becoming masculine only temporarily to reproduce. The human species is 3/4"X" and 1/4 "Y", if looking at gender chromosomes. "Men" have usually milk-less breasts and nipples called pectorals; "women" have a phallus called a "clitoris" that is excised in some cultures to make females seem more "feminine".

    Androgyny or bisexuality is inherent to human nature, a nature that is a Feminine "mother", a nature that is Infinite, including all supernature and all material spirtuality or all energy and actuality.

    The Virgin is Mother of God, preceding God, creating Herself as God, without the need of Any masculine intervention. The Feminine Virgin Herself becomes Masculinity.

    This a metaphor for the Eve of Evolutionary Biology-- The Virgin is Life on Earth before sperm, before any masculinity, so-called "asexual" Life, reproducing via "asexual" or completely Feminine reproduction. After millions of years, Feminine Life creates the masculine gamete, thereby creating sexual reproduction. The Virgin creates the God, becoming masculinity Herself.

    This is one way to invert the story of Genesis, to make the last first, to make EVE the Everything of Yod Heh Vav Heh, prior to Jod, before Jod.

    Eve becomes Jod by Evolving.

    therefore, there are actually no heterosexuals, homosexuals nor bisexuals. Just Humans with fluid sexualities and fluid genders, always in between, but fun-damentally Feminine.

  19. hot damn! what a comment, joseph. wow. for some reason i dont get notified of new comments on old posts, but i'm glad i decided to go back and check on this one. eve is evil, and the judah lion is a big pussy [wasn't that a Sopranos character]... the cowardly lion gets a pretty bow for his mane once he gets to the palace of oz. very well patterned, fellow traveler.

  20. La Shumëpikë di Madonna
    di V.S.Gaudio

    Questo passo ha una modulazione e un crescendo percepibili in un minimo di attenzione ai gesti: ho seguito le caratteristiche monodiche, perentorie ma anche sinuose e insidiose; sospese tra la distorsione e un possibile, furtivo, inganno.
    E’ il passo che coordina e dilaziona; ha la durata del punto e il suo identico valore ma evita la sua irruenza o una momentanea conclusione impossibile.
    Ha quella finitezza concisa dell’allargamento che è fatto solo per chi la sta desiderando; è quella “gocciolona”, la “Shumëpikë”, del momento sospeso , che – trionfo del Bonheur o dello Shumë për mua – è diretto perentoriamente a chi ne deve riconoscere la luce, il bagliore, lo Shkreptimë, e mettere a fuoco la parte maledetta, la “pjesë e mallkùar”, per farsi lo scatto giusto, ovvero il suo mezzopunto, la sua Shumëpikë.

    (da:V.S. Gaudio, Aurélia Steiner di Durrës, © 2006)

  21. Italian to English translation of the above comment;

    "This step has a noticeable modulation and a crescendo in a minimum of attention to gestures: I followed the features of monophonic, peremptory but sinuous and treacherous; suspended between bias and a possible stealth, deception.
    E 'up to the coordination and deferral, has the duration of the point and its equal value but avoids his impetuosity or a momentary conclusion impossible.
    He summarized the finiteness of the enlargement that is made only for those who're wanting, is that "drops" the "Shumëpikë," the suspended moment that - or the triumph of Bonheur Shuma për mua - is directed peremptorily to those who must recognize the light, the glow, the Shkreptimë, and focus on the accursed part, the "pjesa and mallkùar" to get the right shot, or her needlepoint, her Shumëpikë."

  22. I connected some dots between the Rabbit Hole and the Hollow Moon over here:

    Alice Down the Rabbit Hole: Saturn & the Hollow Moon


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