Black Star Resurrection: Lion is Lamb

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Wasn't Wonderland colorful?

This chapter is about black and white. sort of.

"I just thought it was dumb how he tortured himself thru out the whole movie. They kept showing flashes of what happened to him and I thought he did something horrible, what he did was bad but not enuff to throw his life away and commit suicide. I assume he was looking for redemption most people embrace religion for that, he did all those good deeds... and then killed himself, so the girl gets a heart... the storyline was just dumb, it was borderline boring but interesting enuff to keep me watching, hate movies like that, I wanna change the channel but I can't, lol"

-From Facebook, Review of Seven Pounds

dark side of the face
"A large part of the 'point' of all this is to tap into the intuition/impulse of the reader to sense the depth of context behind a pattern; to get a reader/listener to begin asking themselves 'what's the point' of the coincidences he/she is already aware of."

Among 9 siblings, Micheal Jackson was the 7th-born


From the very beginning, the patterns of the sacred feminine seemed just beyond my reach. As clear and obvious as the evidence became by the time I reached Wonderland, so much of the logic was left just on the tip of my tongue. The symbolism of the single eye exemplified this. Something so simple, so basic, so everywhere, and it still escapes me. With the patterns of the Lion and Lamb, however, the moment it hit me, it hit me...

After an awkward opening post entitled look again, I began my pattern-searching with Black Star Messiah, in which an Obama case study opened my eyes to the battle between the country's most prominent black celebrity and the country's foremost feminist figure, Hillary Clinton, in the 2008 Democratic Primaries. The made-for-CNN delegate battle reduced Obama and Clinton to allegorical caricatures of themselves; Obama played the dark knight, the roaring lion, the robin hood man-of-the-masses, while Clinton fought to portray the Queen Bee (last mentioned here), and inevitably, the sacrificial lamb.

The Daily Show - He Completes Us

Also from Goodbye Kiss For Camera

The extreme level of "fakeness" in the 2008 elections uncovered the realness of its patterns. For the first time, the simplification of the pattern- through these overplayed characterizations- helped me to predict the real-life events. If Obama was the lion and Hillary was the lamb, she would inevitably sacrifice herself "for the good of the party", which she did, in grand fashion, at the 2008 Democratic Convention (simple, right?). Immediately after, I could see the theme repeated everywhere, especially in the modern myth of film storytelling. Soon, the gates were opened, and the patterns started yelling.

"The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock: and dust shall be the serpent's meat."

-Isaiah 65:25
The Lion, The King, & The Lie

As usual, this concept is nothing new. The archetypes of the lion and lamb are probably as old as any ancient story. In modern western culture, the duality is interpreted through the lens of the Christian Jesus. In the New Testament, the Bible refers to it's messiah twice as a symbolic animal. First, as a lamb, in John:
"and he [John] looked at Jesus as He walked, and said, 'Behold, the Lamb of God!'"
-John 1:36
and in Revelation, as a lion:

"…one of the elders said to me, 'Stop weeping; behold, the Lion that is from the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has overcome so as to open the book and its seven seals.'"

-Revelation 21:27
The image of Jesus as a lamb is pretty common. Jesus' story is mainly remembered for the ultimate sacrifice. If you take films like The Passion of the Christ at face value, that's pretty much all his story is about. Less discussed is Jesus as the Lion.

-Facebook Upload from Jon Kidd

...the one-eyed man is king

"The Emperor-Over-the-Sea is a mysterious and powerful authority over Narnia. He is the father of Aslan. The laws of Deep Magic and Deeper Magic are said to come from him."

Emperor Constantine - Imperialism, Constant

As mentioned a few posts back in Sacred Sex, the Roman Empire replaced the warrior image of the pre-Roman Christ with a self-sacrificing pacifist to neutralize the revolution of the Hebrews. Given the logic of such a politically expedient cover-up, if we accept that Jesus actually existed, we can assume that he was more of a radical, anti-establishment, revolutionary type. That would explain why the Roman government gave a damn about his small, growing movement, and why so much malicious torture would have occurred at his execution. That's what governments do to the leaders of revolts. It would also be in line with his rebel-outcast ancestor King David, who championed the oppressed Israelites from exile in the wilderness before being made king, and was the father of the wizard-king Solomon.

King Solomon lookin brownish

David being anointed by the prophet Samuel

Of all the chosen/freed/expelled tribes of Egyptian Hebrews, the Tribe of Judah was the only tribe that chose David as king, the man who would later become king of the united tribes. The Lion of Judah, made popular in the west by Bob Marley and the Rastafarian Movement, is the symbol of the messiah of the ancient Israelite Tribe of Judah.

The symbolism points clearly to a warrior savior, but there must have been a historical disconnect somewhere; Judaism -despite originating directly from the Tribe of Judah- adopted the Star of David instead of the lion. Modern Jews are still waiting for their lion-king, but I think there's a good chance he's come and gone -unnoticed and un-anointed- many times over. Especially if he was black.

"...behold, the Lion that is from the tribe of Judah, the Root of David..."

The Lion of Judah is personified and worshiped by most Rastafarians and some Coptic Ethiopians in the form of an afrikan messiah named Haile Selassie I. Selassie was believed to be a direct descendant of King Solomon and Makeda, the Ethiopian Queen of Sheba, and upon coronation as the continent's sole Afrikan monarch in an era of ruthless European imperialism, he was given some of the same titles as Jesus. Ethiopia is believed in Rastafarian culture to be Zion, the biblical paradise and the global motherland (which it technically is, according to the humanoid fossils found there), so Rastas interpreted Bible verses such as Psalms 2:6 ("yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion") as predictions that Selassie was the Second Coming of Jesus the Christ, here to be the lion-champion of the oppressed Afrikans as Jesus was for the Hebrews under Rome. His anointing was justified by more than bloodline and Bible verse however; he reportedly also exhibited stigmata, the wounds of Jesus manifested by the divine.

Haile Selassie's birthday is July 23, 1892.
My birthday is July 23, 1982.
Just sayin.

This is where Jesus' place in the pattern gets tricky. As I said before, this is about black and white. Well, black mostly.

For the record -in case anyone is still in the dark on this one- in a historical sense, Jesus would have been a man of color. Does it matter? Yes. It is socially significant that Jesus is being portrayed as black, instead of white, as per usual. It is cosmically significant that the archetypal Savior is being portrayed as dark, instead of light, as per usual. The convergence of these two concepts in our time through politics, film and music is no coincidence. In keeping with simplified caricatures of these concepts, the dark savior, the dark knight, is literally represented by the "black man", i.e. Obama.

"...In the closing scene [Batman] declares, 'You’ll hunt me. You’ll condemn me, set the dogs on me, because it’s what needs to happen…' Once again, my Christian eyes and ears could not help but return to Christ, who was blamed for the sins of Israel and killed as a criminal. Nor could I help but recall how the Psalmist [David] prophesied that sacrificial death: 'Dogs are round about me; a company of evildoers encircle me; they have pierced my hands and feet…' (Psalm 22:16)"


Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight starred a trinity of dark saviors, but most obvious was Christian Bale's portrayal of Batman, who literally sacrificed himself for the sins of the city. Near the film's end, Bale is given the all-seeing eye in the form of a city-wide network of cameras by Lucius Fox, played by Morgan Freeman, who got to play both God and a savior-president in previous roles. In addition to being the savior of the future in Terminator:Salvation, Bale also actually played Jesus in the 1999 TV movie Mary, Mother of Jesus.

"The heart and soul of Wayne Enterprises [WE] lies below, in the basement, where Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) works."


Besides being metaphorically dark, Batman is literally made dark by his black costume, a simple narrative technique seen more overtly in Star Wars' Darth Vader. Men In Black...

"...So, how is Darth Vader like Jesus? He dies to save Luke from the Emperor and from the Dark Side, just like Jesus died to save us from all of our sins."

Darth Vader and Batman provide two solid examples of the allegorical black Jesus: a savior from The Dark Side of the Force who finds his own salvation through self-sacrifice. These characters also reinforce the strong sense of duality in this pattern; Batman through his alter-ego and Vader through his drastic transition from angel to demon. Following the breadcrumb trail of these characteristics I soon stumbled upon an ideal dark knight- dark Christ figure in Fight Club's Tyler Durden, thanks to some great out-of-the-box analysis by Ryan Stander over at Axis of Access [good stuff].

"Tyler may be thought of a sort of Christ-figure insofar as he gives sight to the blind (awakens slumbering culture to the effects of consumerism) and then heals them by giving them a new identity, and brings good news to the poor (both literally poor and of spirit), and frees them from the burden... and yet, we must consider not only what Tyler is liberating them from, but to what/where are they going?... Radical individuals fail to see that they cast off one set of traditions for another set. Thus Tyler leads them from the oppressions of one tradition (namely consumption) to another (namely violence and anarchism). If this is correct... Tyler can simultaneously be thought of as an anti-Christ leading his followers into another form of oppression."

As Ryan points out, the film paints Tyler as the revolutionary warrior messiah and the oppressive dictator with the same brush, reflecting the character arcs of Batman, Darth Vader and Obama. Remember, like Jesus, Darth Vader -as Anakin Skywalker- was the prophesied messiah of the Star Wars universe, and -get this- the product of a virgin birth. Tyler Durden, Batman and Obama also seem to be missing their fathers...

Simba Dreams of his Reflection

...their earthly fathers, anyways... again, I digress...

The duality of lions and lambs represents a basic, legendary interplay between spiritual darkness and light. Upon further study, I saw this dynamic in characters of many different races, and sexes, but for the purposes of the pattern -and the sake of simplicity- the duality was initially made clear to me through the race and gender dynamics of the black man and the white woman.

black and/versus/playing with white

The 2008 political circus reached its climax in March, when Obama defended his friendship with Jeremiah Wright with A More Perfect Union, a commentary on racerelations between the "black" -Afrikan American- and "white" -European American- people in America. With this speech, two things stood out to me: 1) Obama subtly revealed the racism of the attacks on him throughout the primaries, and even defended and justified that racism, all while predicting the Coming Together of the two candidates, and 2) He reaffirmed his oratorical superpowers.  The negotiator, the pacifist, the Voice of Reason.

Yeah, comin' back to that later...

However you feel about the 'politics' of the players involved, the whole show was really about black versus white. Not versus... versus implies one against another... in this dynamic, the two only appear to be at odds. Upon closer inspection, they're moving around one another, in sync, in the same direction...

After writing Black Star Messiah, Obama's celebrity campaign brought further relevance to two other lines of research:
I) the patterns of the cosmic Black Star, researched by Jake Kotze at The Blob and Richard Arrowsmith's Black Dog Star, concerning the black hole as our Galactic Center and the "Dog Star" Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, as well as

II) the pattern my friends and I discovered in Denzel Washington movies where Denzel plays the savior of a white female.
The Pelican Brief stars Sacred Sex's robot, Julia Roberts, and portrays Denzel as her Lion, her savior, her dark knight... Man on Fire stars Wonderland II's little girl lost [as in, kidnapped], Dakota Fanning, and again Denzel plays... well... Denzel. I'm sure you can think of an example or two of films that fit. He's got plenty.

... as you can see, this pattern is just getting warmed up.

Next Chapter: Starring Will(IAM) and Denz(EL) as Hor(US) and Os(IRIS) [tentative title]



  1. Precision... So much I'd say about this, so little time. Sometimes I don't even mention the sync laden shit I write about in post... I just show pictures. I try to get the person to see them so that it means more to them instead of coming from me... You do that in more potent ways than I could ever do...

  2. Your posts are so special to me. It is a treat that I savor, and look forward to with zeal.

    Beautiful. Of course pt. 1 is always such a tease! Back to work toure, I need more!

    I looked into some similar things this past summer. Perhaps it may fit your pattern?

    for your consideration:
    here and
    be great, like you are.

  3. Maybe this too--if you are reading anyway.
    It's helping me though!.

  4. Beutiful post! Lovely flow, lookin forward to more! Be very well!

  5. Shaman: Precision... exactly what I was going for, man. This chapter is so schizophrenic, I was extra-careful about my use of symbolism. the meaning of the symbols would just switch back and forth while i was analyzing them! bad meaning good, y'know... i just got around to reading your latest on Luck; i cant help connecting "luck" to "fate", which is a concept that's all over this chapter.

    Ishmael: thankyouthankyou! back to work indeed. got part 2 started already. hopefully it doesnt take as long as this one. as for your links; WOW. the concepts here are so solid yet so elusive. Obama and Bush appear to be opposites, but both played dark fathers. I wanted to put a short paragraph in about how Vader was voiced by a black man and played by a white man, connecting to what you mentioned about the yell/shout/scream in the first two links, and the Obama "superpower" i mentioned here. crazy! And you know Titanic crossed my radar, starring LEO and all...

    Indras: muchas gracias professor. much much more to come. be well, yourself.

  6. I see you made some last minute changes, It came out "smooth as eggs". I hope the "Star of David" Chappelle will turn up in future posts.

  7. I chop&shop'd a wolf in shepard's clothing recently ... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2732219&id=549916542

    Also Jesus is Baphomet, I've seen him represented as such on the King's Cathedral in Prauge. In the stained glass and on the frescos. There is the Jesus of the Bible that Church tells us and then the Jesus of the Gnostic texts. There are the Ethiopian Jews, the Kazarian Jews and then the 10 of 12 lost tribes supposedly interbred into the European populations. Black Santa Claus is really popular too. As is the joke about every elderly black women being the oracle. I think I heard that on Community College or something. black & white is one of the ultimately huge subject matters. I had a myspace friend that showed me a video about how the largest sculptures in the world are of black men. They are built in China, where in older time Africans were worshipped as Gods. I heard black people sailed to Australia, set up the aboriginals and migrated north behind the mongolians. THere they followed them over the Kamchucka landpass into Alaska. Supposedly the North American Indian is of African decent and the South Americans have a Mongolian heritage. As do the Kazarians, they are not far from there. I haven't been there but conspiracy grimore put up this post once about how he thinks people come from insects, monkeys and fish or something like that. I definitely think there is a possible like with black people and fish people. Those fish people in the new Stars Wars had a leader that reminded me off a black dude then there's the whole dogon thing. Asians have a bit of the insect thing going with their massive populations and extreme work conditions. I think white people must be reptiles then since that's what the illuminati is nailed down to. So maybe monkeys are the terrestrial lifeforms of earth. The fish came from Lucifer, the Black Jesus. The Insects, hell they probably came from Agartha. The Reptiles are from Nibiru I guess? Damn space varmit. So I guess MON-Keys are the human alchemical base. WHat's up with birds, they are reptiles right? Dogs were whales. So there is two transfigurations. What's the insects and please don't say larva? It's a deep thought. I know that. I has to do with all the distance western theory has to travel to make sense of dissonance. the hive, probably from beginning times since that is also the end

  8. Toure, I love how this new pattern's developing and really appreciate these new insights into the Cat. It's always a pleasure reading your stuff.

    I know that you're exploring new avenues right now, but if you get a spare moment then check out this Beyonce video where she plays the role of the Cat-woman (the lover of the Dark Knight/JC) in this music video. Notice that she kicks around a giant Red Pill and also entrains with the Lady in the Red Dress. Heck, even the word Greenlight in the video links her with the LEGend and the All-Seeing Eye.

    p.s. that's a fascinating sync between your birthday and Haile Selassie's.....and you're both Leo the Lions no less!!!

  9. James Ratte: Yes, Jesus is Baphomet. Eliphas Levi even said so in Dogme et Rituel. And as even Wikipedia says, its origin is the ancient Egyptian word Banebdjed, "the soul of Osiris". And Osiris is the Logos.

    Darth Vader in one sense represents both Adam and the Demiurge. He is part machine and part man, just as Adam was made from dust of the earth and endowed with a living soul. But as the Demiurge, he is also the "Dark Father" of Christ/Lucifer Skywalker. This seems contradictory, but not actually so, as YHWH is deliberately meant to reflect the worst traits of fallen humanity itself.

    And IMDB confirms what we already knew about the Lion King:

    Besides inspirations from William Shakespeare's Hamlet (1990/I), the story also has elements of the Osirian family myths of Ancient Egyptian mythology. In the Osirian myths, the king (Mufasa/Osiris) is killed by his jealous brother (Scar/Seth) and the rightful heir (Simba/Horus) is sent into exile as a boy. The murdered king visits and mentors his son in ghostly visits and when the heir comes of age, he returns to exact revenge on his father's murderer.

  10. I was pointed here by a recent Blackdogstar post, and I'm glad I came. The Lion King has certainly been a strong personal synch for me over the last year, thanks for putting it into a mythical framework.

    An interesting personal synch is last year I witnessed a dove being recently killed and carried off by a hawk. White feathers everywhere! Now recall that the lamb and the dove are symbolic surrogates. And so are the lion and the hawk, or eagle. And considering that the lamb AND the lion are two sides of the same Messiah - perhaps the same can be said for the dove and the hawk. We've had two thousand years of lamb and dove, perhaps we are witnessing a more aggressive side of the Savior archetype. Not really sure I'm happy about that... :-)

    Cheers, Michael

  11. My Father was a Submarine Commander. Women and Civilians can travel on Dependence Cruises but on male family members can travel on Tiger Cruises.

    My Tiger Cruise was from Fort Lauderdale Florida to Groton Conneticut where I was born. I played Golf on a PGA course, almost drove the cart into a pond and got VIP seats at a Marlin's Game. At the docks during the Dependence cruise some sort of Porn Star was attracting everyone's attention. Both of her tightly clothed huge breasts had pentagrams on them.

    After the cruise on my Dad's sub the USS Phoenix his Junior Officers took me out for drinks at Hooters. After a few drinks they made a confession. Supposedly my Father was known as the Dark Prince amongst the Naval Community for brutal treatment of Sailors during his Executive Officer Tour.

    Bizarre side note my Dad told me during his interview Admiral Rickover put him a dark room with a three legged stool for five hours waiting. I asked my Dad, "Do you believe in UFO's?" He said, "I wouldn't doubt it" I asked him if knew about Admiral Bird, he said, "He discovered the poles, right?". Never much of an answer from him. Ever since we got a Black President he's seemed a little more believing of my appreciation for conspiracy theory. He's even bought a several guns and hunting dogs. Which is totally against what I thought of him. He wouldn't even let me have a knife. He's retired but still working in the loop. He got to command Stratcom. That's like the base from War Games or the end of T3.

    secrecy sucks ... he was underwater for 10 years of my life by the time I was age 18 and we moved over twelve times

  12. James: Very intriguing musings... patternistic discussion always appears to go in every direction at once; i'm glad you felt led by this piece to such thought-explorations. The vast hidden history of the ancient afrikan holds many valuable truths; you can find some good stuff on youtube. as for the theories on species, your guess is as good as any.

    Arrowsmith: I have seen that vid before, but i had not put it this context. i mentioned it briefly while analyzing Beyonce's alter[ed] Ego... strange how things come together. The greenLight sync means more to this pattern than you could know. I wanted to make a short vid about all the green light syncs; the matrix code, green lantern, green day, kryptonite... the birthday sync still befuddles me.

    Eleleth: Great observations concerning Vader, Adam and the demiurge. the concept of the demiurge has always fascinated me; especially since, as you said, yahweh is the "I AM", the ego, the dark side. even more interesting is the demiurge as the tin-man, technology, seen in Vader's exoskeleton and wolvie's Adam-mantium indoskeleton, which brings us back to 42 and Beyonce's robot hand [see previous posts]. I plan on expanding more in the next post, especially the robot hand, which both Vader and his son shared.

    Michael: two commenters with 'El' in their names! you already know about El, i'm sure... i dig your point about the dove and hawk, and i definitely believe its time for a switch. the aggressive savior feels very positive to me; we are facing an age of aggressive change, and i believe the savior will rise from the death of the ego. a savior that is all of us.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. And of course, Iesous-Zagreus commanded that "If thy right hand offend thee, cut it off." Hrm.

    Writing against Marcion, who wished to separate the Old Testament God from the New Testament God, Clement of Alexandria alluded to the esoteric doctrine concerning the identity of YHWH:

    And He who is truly God is just and good; who is Himself all, and all is He; for He is God, the only God.

    For as the mirror is not evil to an ugly man because it shows him what like he is; and as the physician is not evil to the sick man because he tells him of his fever,—for the physician is not the cause of the fever, but only points out the fever;—so neither is He, that reproves, ill-disposed towards him who is diseased in soul.

    "Yah" = "You". The Demiurge is a mirror against which is projected all of one's worst character traits.

  15. yah = you... hmmm. you're on the verge of something there, El. i feel like there's something under the surface of this whole dark mirror ego thing that i'm missing, something to do with the lost hand/arm, and the sort of cleansing of cutting through ego. have to think on that.

  16. None of these things are truly hidden; you just have to know where to look. Key to understanding Clement of Alexandria's position is that he believed Man was God, and this was the consummate Mystery:

    But that man with whom the Word (Logos) dwells does not alter himself, does not get himself up: he has the form which is of the Word (Logos); he is made like to God; he is beautiful; he does not ornament himself: his is beauty, the true beauty, for it is God; and that man becomes God, since God so wills. Heraclitus, then, rightly said, “Men are gods, and gods are men.” For the Word (Logos) Himself is the manifest mystery: God in man, and man God.

    And Clement was not some insignificant heretic; he was a Catholic Saint. As head of the Alexandrian "Christian" Mystery school, he was closest to the source of the original gnosis. He treats the Gnostics as simply rival theologians.

  17. Diligent, & might I say stellar work, Magus Patternist. I haven't stopped over here for a little while. Might I add this music video on Narasimha, the Hindu lion-headed avatar? Then again, there's a lovely reggae styled ditty by the band Jai Uttal, Namah Shivaya, too, in honour of the dreadlocked god, Lord Shiva, at the same address. Enjoy your New Year's Eve BLUE MOON Full Moon in Cancer the Crab (THEE sun sign of maternal nurturance), quite the wrap-up for aught nine into 2010. May it be especially auspicious for you & those closest to you.

    From a snow-covered Apple Mountain,
    Anadæ Effro (•8-D

  18. In my haste, twould appear, I neglected to close the Narasimha link above. This ought to be it. Enjoy! Interesting tale, that.

  19. It is an interesting point of view, many things can be related with ancient and supernatural origins, they probably share many things, but without real proof let us call it theories.

  20. i'm not against referring to my work as theoretical, but at what point does theory become something more? how much evidence is needed? laws -in scientific terms- are established by patterns, repeated, over and over, tested time and again, and agreed upon by others.

    also, what would you call "real proof"? my work is based on the idea that the patterns are the proof. we are so used to looking outside of ourselves to prove what's true and real.. looking to books, scholars, institutions, etc.. trust yourself. we all use patterns to define our realities; if you see a connection, than that connection is real to you.

  21. Excellent- produce MORE!!!

    By the way Bob Marley belongs to the Tribe of Joseph

    Do you see the "Mary" in "Marley" and "Martyr"?

    the Mary of Marijuana, Maritime and Marine Life

    the Mary therefore of Fish, Dolphins & Whales

    the Mary also of Marines (like Mars the God of War)

    Mar= Sea in Spanish & Mer=Sea in French and Mir=Peace in Russian-- i like to March & be Merry & have Merit with Peace!!!

    March is a month of Pisces the Fish


    Goddess Ashera, Lover of Yahweh or Jah

    is like Mary, Queen of Heaven

    like Mary, Queen of the Sea (See Iemanja in Brazil) and marine life (Fish)

    She is also a Fertility Goddess of Agriculture and Grains (fish and bread)

    She is also a Goddess of War (Mary of Marines; the Asherah submarine is a tool of US Navy)

    [do u see the war in water? Mars was once a watery planet]

    Ashera is symbolized by WOOD and TREES (Christmas Trees Yule Logs), phallic symbols often in the Temples of Yahweh

    Ashera is called "LION LADY"

    The Month of December belongs to the Hebrew Tribe of ASHER, month of Christmas Trees & yule logs

    The Flowering ASH Tree gave Hebrews Manna (sugary tree sap) or sustenance during their years in the desert (Mary Poppins: Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down! Glucose & ATP)

    In Hebrew "I am that I am" translates as
    "AIE ASHR AIE" or "Ehyeh asher ehyeh"
    from the Flaming Raspberry Tree

    The Trees of Life and Knowledge both bear Fruit

    IF ANY OF THIS MAKES SENSE GOOD, if not, so be it

  22. Correction: the Tribe of Asher belongs to the months of January and February, the signs of Capricorn (Goat-Fish) and Aquarius (Water or Water Vessel). This is even more powerful for me, sync-wise, than the error i made about Asher belonging to "December". This period in January and early February is called the Hebrew month of "Shevat".

    Traditionally the Tribe of Asher is symbolized by the Olive Tree and Aquarius

    Now in Eastern Orthodox Christianity, particularly Ethiopian Christianity, Christmas is in January (6th,7thor 8th i think); Christmas "Trees" & yule logs are a feature in Orthodox Christianity.

    From Wiki:

    "Some Eastern Orthodox national churches, including those of Russia, Georgia, Egypt, Ukraine, the Macedonia, Serbia and the Greek Patriarchate of Jerusalem mark feasts using the older Julian Calendar. December 25 on that calendar currently corresponds to January 7 on the more widely used Gregorian calendar. Oriental Orthodox churches also use their own calendars, which are generally similar to the Julian calendar. The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the nativity in combination with the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6. Most Armenian churches use the Gregorian calendar, but some use the Julian calendar and thus celebrate Christmas Day on January 19, and Christmas Eve on January 18 (according to the Gregorian calendar)."

  23. "
    Asher (רשא) was the eighth-born of Jacob by Zilpah.

    Zilpah, Leah’s maidservant, bore a second son to Jacob. Leah declared, “In my good
    fortune! For women have deemed me fortunate!” So she called his name Asher. (Genesis

    Asher was the second-born of Jacob and Zilpah. He was born on the 20th of Shevat and
    died at the age of 162. Asher inherited more castles than Judah inherited lands. The
    daughters of the tribe of Asher were beautiful and wed priests and kings. Asher told his
    daughter Serah that anyone who came and said “G-d said to me, I have surely
    remembered you” is the true redeemer of the Hebrews from Egypt.

    Blessing - successful farmer (specifically olive trees)
    Census - 41,500 (Numbers 1:41); 53,400 (Numbers 26:47)
    Territories - Joshua 19:24-31
    Breastplate Gem - Leshem (Topaz or Opal)
    Symbol - Olive Tree
    Color - Pearl
    Astrological Sign - Aquarius
    Month - Shevat
    Hebrew Letter - Tsadi (צ)"

    Tsadi is the 18th Hebrew letter

    on Bob Marley & the Rasta Tribe of Joseph, which covers early February in their tradition, particularly Feb 6. Marley's bday(from Wiki)

    "Bob Marley was a member of the Rastafari movement, whose culture was a key element in the development of reggae. Bob Marley became a leading proponent of the Rastafari, taking their music out of the socially deprived areas of Jamaica and onto the international music scene. As observant Rastafari practice Ital, a diet that shuns meat, Marley was a vegetarian.[41] According to his biographers, he affiliated with the Twelve Tribes Mansion. He was in the denomination known as "Tribe of Joseph", because he was born in February (each of the twelve sects being composed of members born in a different month). He signified this in his album liner notes, quoting the portion from Genesis that includes Jacob's blessing to his son Joseph. Marley was baptised by the Archbishop of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Kingston, Jamaica, on 4 November 1980."



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