GodSun: Chapter 1 (Blackstar Video Addendum)

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the short film embedded below is an attempt to express some of the concepts presented on this blog as parts of the BlackStar Research Line. i invite you to view the film and draw your own conclusions, but for more background on these ideas, i recommend checking out Black Star Resurrection: Lion is Lamb [chapter 1], Horus as Heresy: Legends of The Fallen Lie [chapter 2], and BSR3: Dark Fathers, Betrayal, Belief and Dream [chapter 3]. Also, look forward to the final fourth chapter coming soon.

a synchromystic analysis 

"khrist konsciousness is both the light of the sun of the dark father and the deep black of the endless abyss behind the mask of our ego. the dark messiah who brings the light represents the story of sacrifice, fall and ascension that is Us..."



  1. Solid gold.

    MJ played the scarecrow Jesus back in 1977 on the Wiz... But I'm sure part 2 will unveil some more 7eveness. Elvis dieing in 77 relates the king of Pop in new ways thanks to your video. Priscilla Presley Mary?

    Great to see two new video makers stepping up to plate.

  2. How could i forget scarecrow jesus?! of course. funny you mention Elvis; he kept comin up in my research for this vid... Priscilla as well. will do more seeking... thanks for the luv.

  3. Since I've been on such a kick lately, I have to mention also that David Bowie (The Man Who Fell to Earth/Leper Messiah) had his heart attack on June 25, 2004, exactly five years to the day before Michael Jackson had his. Bowie was born in 1947 (on the same day as Elvis), and released his first album in 1967. His "Left Eye" is also permanently dilated, giving him a permanent "two-face" appearance.

  4. Ha! veeery nice. why is Bowie so damn synktacular? and the connections to Elvis are quite interesting...

  5. This was beautifully executed Toure!

    There was a some discussion that Malcolm X film was made for us to have the imprint of Malcolm's assassination. In a sense living his death. The message was "black" leaders will be killed. Thereby teaching us to be passive or die!

  6. interesting... that fits with the pattern of fallen-black-hero image in film and tv... part of the reason i ended this piece with Will Smith's (willing) deaths was to underscore that pattern. just as Malcolm willingly walked into his murderer's bullet, Will and Denzel have this pattern of christ-like self-sacrifice that i fear extends to Obama. Morgan Freeman's pattern throws things off though...

  7. Great video. I imagine you gonna hit the Moorish's Circle 7 Koran, and the gods and earths maths in a future video.

  8. New blog: allsignspointtogod.blogspot.com


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