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checkerboard Beyonce's twin Sobeks

"[Michelle Obama] told me she was very happy that her girls have someone like me to look up to," says Beyoncé. "And I'm like, 'Oh, my God . . . The older I get, the more I think about the amount of influence I have on these young girls, and it's scary sometimes. But I also understand how lucky I am to have that."

-Beyonce Knowles to Vogue Magazine, 2009
In my last two posts, Gnosis / Hypnosis / Hypocrisy / Heresy and Know / Now / No / Gnosis / Hypnosis..., I explored the role of the female medium as a spiritual vessel. The discussion spilled over into themes of channeling/divination as a form of hypnosis (and vice versa), and possession as a pop-culture hint towards the journey inwards to gnostic generational knowledge. In earlier posts, namely V for Verification - Addendum, and The View from the cheap seats (revised), explorations into the letter V and it's cultural connections to the sacred feminine/fifth element/spirit led me to curious questions about the divinity of bees and the mystery of their historical -and modern- significance. Over at the vast Synchromystic Forum, discussions about bees with fellow explorers eventually led me to pop-megaStar Beyoncé Knowles. And as Arrowsmith likes to say, things started Coming Together...

Beyonce triple-cover with the big red V

It's just a harmless V-neck t-shirt

Discussions on Bee-Yoncé at the Synchromystic Forum brought attention to her need to dress up like bees and robots (and bee robots) during concert performances. Seemingly unrelated discussions on the number 42/tin/A.I. and the bee mystery eerily crossed paths on the forum as both threads separately analyzed Beyoncé and her connection to the robotic rebirth/Tin Man theme and, in turn, the Tin Man's search for a heart chakra. Jake Kotze at The Blob connects the number 42 to Jupiter and to mirrors in his recent video, Jennifer Juniper; Beyonce has a thing for mirrors/reflections too... the film she imitates in the image below is called Metropolis, and like so many other surfaces scratched here, it really deserves it's own discussion.

eye heart beeyonce

As I dug deeper into the Beyoncé pattern, more synch winks caught my eye. The most glaring of which was her strained "Broadway is Back" performance -as the woman in red- at the 2008 Academy Awards with Hugh Jackman, who played The Boy From Oz on Broadway. Beyoncé's Broadway connection doesn't end there, though.

Beyoncé, Broadway and The Woman in Red

In her very first acting gig, Beyoncé plays Carmen, another famous scarlet woman in an MTV remake of the Broadway play Carmen Jones. She also played the Scarlet Carmen in a Pepsi commercial.

Carmen Jones, A woman on fire... interesting rose placement

My favorite Scarlet Woman

Honeybee dreamgirls in red at the 2007 Oscars

I've made passing references to the concept of the triple goddess in previous posts without much detailed explanation, and I do plan to rectify that with a full post on the three-as-one legend, but in the meantime we can use mythological references like The Fates, The Furies and the Germanic Norns as a thematic basis. These mythological characters were three women whose separate identities were connected as one consciousness, one spirit; a divine trinity, three as one... Beyoncé rose to international prominence as the spotlight-stealing lead singer of a three-girl pop group called Destiny's Child. The group name alone reflects the three-as-one theme, since it describes three women collectively in the singular, as one being.

triple black dog star goddess... so sirius

Anyone following, however, could see that the true child of destiny among the three was always Beyoncé; no other member was given anything close to a chance at her spotlight. Inevitably, Beyoncé stepped out on her own in 2003 and made the three-as-one concept literal:

"Me, Myself and I" was the 3rd single released from Beyoncé's solo debut, Dangerously In Love, distributed by Columbia Records. In the video, which plays in reverse, we find Ms. Knowles discarding old possessions and taking solace in a 50's style bathtub.

For the significance of the bathtub, check my last post.

Before her debut album was released, Beyoncé was cast in the third sequel of Mike Myers' Austin Powers series, Goldmember. She plays Foxxy Cleopatra, a role which may have hinted at her upcoming dualistic nature since she was supposedly a combination of two 70's blaxploitation characters, Foxy Brown and Cleopatra Jones. More on that later...

That damn Pepsi logo again...

the [dream] role she was Destined to play

Beyoncé was also one of three in a Gladiator-themed Pepsi commercial, where she stars alongside Britney Spears and Pink and sings Queen's 1977 single We Will Rock You, originally released on Elektra Records. Beyoncé was chosen to wield the 3-pronged trident.

DC's Wonder Woman has also wielded the trident of Poseidon and seems to have her own web of three-as-one synchs within her DC Universe storyline. Makes sense then, that our triple goddess Beyoncé recently expressed a desire to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen in a live-action film.

triple wonder women put a ring on it

Despite the fact that Ms. Knowles achieved superstardom by going solo, she can't quite seem to shake the triple-woman theme. Or Broadway for that matter.

Beyoncé's first major film role was alongside Jennifer Hudson (who was previously mentioned in this blog for her own connections to bees) in another Broadway remake called Dreamgirls. Dreamgirls tells the story of -you guessed it- a three-member pop group outshined by their lead singer. The group is discovered by blackstar resonator Eddie Murphy, who plays a Cadillac salesman looking to break into the biz. This film was the first role ever for Jennifer Hudson and also the role for which she won an Oscar in 2007.

Why is Nicolas Cage's name up there?

Beyoncé's 2008 role in the story of Chess Records entitled Cadillac Records (another Cadillac reference? curious) required her to transform herself by gaining weight and shedding her good-girl public persona to play R&B legend Etta James, the original singer behind "At Last", the song she performed for Barack and Michelle Obama on inauguration night.

A graphic scene showing Beyoncé as Etta strung out on heroin and passed out in a bathtub, was cut from the final version. From Beyonce's 2009 Vogue interview:
"She was willing . . . to put on the weight and not be glamorous, to go to a very ugly place and play someone she's never been: a drug addict, abused, abandoned by her parents. She was very excited to tear her image apart. When she first saw herself on film strung out, half-naked, overweight in the bathtub…she was so happy. I love how she embraced the process."

In October 2008, Beyoncé simultaneously released the first two singles from her schizophrenic twin-themed double album entitled I Am... Sasha Fierce, reflecting the twin/alter-ego/mirror imagery discussed in the last two posts with Rachel Weisz in The Mummy and Constantine and by extension, the concept of possession associated with Weisz in both movies and Patricia Arquette in Stigmata.

Again with the mirror thing...

The bad girl side of the good girl/bad girl dynamic, played by Sasha Fierce, put out the single Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It), accompanied by a video with nothing more than Beyoncé's dark reflection dancing on a blank background alone with two dancers.. part of a trio.

Bee's dark shadow

..and the "Diva" video..

and the "Ego" video makes three

single ladies - three ladies - three as one

Seems like your standard pop-dance video, right? I guess, if we ignore the lyrics, the ring symbolism over-emphasized in the last shot, and that weird robot-hand glove. If you notice something strangely masculine about one of the dancers, you're right. But I'll leave that bit of androgyny alone for now...

Synch-Update: On April, 20th, 2009 (that's 4/20), 100 Beyonce-bot clones performed the dance steps to "Single Ladies" in central London to promote a concert sponsored by Trident gum. Only a coincidence...

...and then, of course, there's that glove.

In the Jupiter-42 thread at The Synchromystic Forum, the user 42lightspeed23 had this to say about the metal glove hand:
"the tin man/tin hand on beyonce . . . could resonate the iron age transition into AI; Terminator (T2) had it, Wolverine, edward scissorhands (who didnt understand humans from what i remember) . . . didnt somebody just video synch these themes with AI? What it symbolizes to me is Hal meets Human or something to that affect. The Tin Man -being all 3rd eye or Mental/Tin resonating the number 42- is searching for a Heart, thus hes all mind/concept/tin/AI and lacks humanity/heart chakra. Interestingly theres 42 rules you must abide by in egypt(maat) in the Weighing of the Heart ceremony, when your done you are reborn/human. TIN=AI to me, 42-tin-heart=rebrth..."

Couldn't have put it better myself, really. EDIT: Check out my next post for more on the tin-man glove.

Since I was first introduced to this strange journey by my pattern co-contributor SketcherX, eerie pattern-enforcing confirmations have become par for the course. The themes of Hypnosis, Possession, Rebirth and the sacred feminine were found wrapped in a nice neat package in research done well before I put my own pieces of this puzzle together. I still have one more post in the works on the subject of HypGnosis, but I wanted to give some shine to a few interesting YouTube gems that helped me clarify my thoughts for ThePatternist's upcoming post on the hypnosis of hip-hop (hip-pop/hyp-pop) music and mass media.

Who Is Sasha Fierce?

The Madonna and Beyonce Ritual
(5 parts)

Beyonce, Sasha Fierce, and Demon Possession
(7 parts)

More and More and More to come...


  1. Great post! I've always thought there was something worth exploring about Beyonce (other than her curves!) and you've just piqued my curiosity. I like how you pointed out that she resonates with the 3, or The Trinity, which makes me think of The Matrix. Dressed all in Black I can't help but think of Catwoman and Beyonces role in The (PP) Pink Panther.

    Hugh Jackman piloted a boat in 'Flushed Away' which features a single giant Robot Hand, so it was good to see you linking Jackman and Beyonce together.

    I'd also have to agree with 42lightseep23's interpretation of the Tin Man. It's funny because I said something similar in my Sync Forum post called 'Smiley Faced Clones'. Quite unintentionally some Bee syncs made an appearance.
    Peace bro.

    Ooops. Forgot to say my catchphrase: Things are Coming Together :D

  2. Eye hear you loud and clear... this post was mostly for fun at first; searching for synch-nificant images and vid clips of this beautiful woman is not what I'd call work.

    I'd connected the triple goddess and The Matrix's Trinity loosely in my own sacred feminine research, and Beyonce has been known to dress up in matrix-like skin-tight black leather for pepsi commercials and unreleased music videos, but you're right on the Button with the Cat-Woman connection. Who could forget Michelle Pfifer's latex catsuit from Batman Returns?

    It seems my posts are always in a state of flux: i might need to put together an update including the above references -matrix, pink panther, catwoman, flushed away- and maybe even the black cat waterdoor scene from Constantine.

    Come to think of it, it was Trinity who explained the deja vu-black cat-glitch anomaly to Neo in the first Matrix... Beyonce's first single from her 2nd solo album was called "Deja Vu".

    I just re-read the smiley face thread again -both of them- and gained some new insight on the idea of the Hive Mind and the secret of the bees as it relates to the internet, emergent-cooperative networks and the phenomenon we call blogging.

    And by the way; As I write, I just happened to be watching an episode of Charmed focusing on Pandora's Box in which a good witch and a female demon battle with Sais. I'd think I was going positively mad if things weren't Coming Together so damn clearly...

  3. "...this is what you've been searching for, Paige. Your separate identity."

    -Charmed, "Little Box of Horrors"


  4. You are as they say in pastry shops, "on a roll" my friend. Cant wait to touch back down and get back into some group (hive minded) research. We'll make it to that mad house yet! Sincerely, your personal Christ resonator JC!

  5. Thank you, Toure, for the heads-up over on Mr Frost's Transformer. Quite the magnificently indepth article on this world acclaimed Pop diva, Beyonce. Megakudos. Oh, but before I go on, FYI, it was Poseidon, not Apollo, Who had been inadvertently (or conspiriatorily?) responsible for Medusa's transformation, all due to conjugating in the Parthenon. Hence, Medusa having bore Pegasus, the wingéd steed, the white horse being the Lord of the Seas' totem animal, as well as the giant Chrysaor of the Golden Sword, at the time of Her having been dispatched by Perseus, a kind of posthumous Caesarian through the gaping neck wound. Hard to believe then, that Medusa was once Herself a powerful goddess, that is, before She was relegated to the status of demonised she-beast to be neutral-eyesed.

    Chrysaor would later come to marry Callirrhoe, a daughter of Okeanos, and become the father of the triple-bodied (!) Geryon, who was the tender of the cattle of Helios (Geryon later being vanquished by Heraklés as one of the 12 Labours).

    But isn't it interesting that Beyonce, who very well may have made that Faustian trade-off to sell her soul in an effort to gain the world (as implied herein) has had such a lasting impression on the male homosexual community as can be well attested in numerous You Tube postings, whether they're athletic, effeminate, or morbidly obese, as grotesque as the last offering might be?

    I even had a dream last night, the main thrust of which was, "Why can't anyone see the Witchblade connexion with that mechanical hand Beyonce wields?", as I hurriedly dressed & ran furtively out into the world to pronounce my newfound realisation, before waking up.

    Not really a great fan of puzzles before,
    Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

  6. JC: the way is being made for your return from our collective dream journey into the future... I had to restrain myself and not put anything about hip-hop up. Everytime i turn on the radio i hear the hypnosis. But, like always, out of the restrictions grew something unexpected. I didn't see half of these connections until i started the post.

    Anadæ: I'm not quite sure what to make of Beyonce's newfound popularity with homosexuals, but there are some connections to de-masculinization I'm saving for the hip-hop hypnosis study.

    Your myhtology lesson is incredibly telling; the poseidon conspiracy, the birth of the winged horse, the heracles connection... all golden. Beyonce is now, in my mind, a strong medusa resonator, reflecting the merging of the sacred fem with the serpent. perhaps the robot glove/tin man hand is her serpent?

    WitchBlade!! Of Course! duh...

    Witchblade was part of the holy/unholy trinity with The Darkness and The Angelus in the comic book, and she's had multiple crossovers with Tomb Raider, who i just mentioned in a comment on ANGELina Jolie over at CentrePortal in his GeyeA post. Plus, in the comic the sacred witchblade machine was wielded by Cleopatra, Joan of Arc and Wonder Woman! How perfect.

    Now I HAVE to do an update.

  7. Happy to be of Service to you, Toure ~ ( :-)}

  8. Great read, I'll have to stop by more often.

    Keep it up

  9. I'm still working on that update... I've been combing through blogs and wikis trying to make sense of this whole tin man/bee woman dichotomy. I've had to rethink my ideas on the hive mind... anyways; synch-update on the way.

  10. "Beyonce's alter ego, Sasha Fierce -- she has a new fantasy persona in mind ... Wonder Woman."



  11. Question - Is she possessed or playing on the media or is this the last days and the devil is working on overtime?

  12. I do believe she is possessed, in the way that one is possessed by the spiritual power of their craft, but the possession i discuss here is allegorical, not literal. This is also a play on the media, since Beyonce's handlers shape her image according to certain patterns.

    Yes. these are the last days; but life will go on. These are the last days of this era, and "the devil", or whatever you wanna call these forces, is definitely working overtime; hence we have Miley's Teen Choice striptease.

  13. Excellent information! I used a photo from here for a post, I put a link to you, I hope that's ok.
    All the best


  14. You make some good pointsbut I feel like you just scratch the surface and never really close any of your points or tie them into what you are analysing. It's a blog with no conclusion or in depth analysis.

  15. Anonymous: sounds like you're new to my studies here. There is a lot of surface scratching going on here; i believe that is the nature of pattern research. for conclusions, however, i wrote a few posts strictly for that purpose. i suggest you check out What is The Pattern, Speechless: Medium is Message and (especially) Goodbye Kiss for Camera... warning; all of these reference previous posts heavily, so you may have to do some backtracking.

  16. I was just busily at work on my own sync blogs, looking for an MSI video to put in one of them, and I came across this, which nearly made my eyes pop out of my head after reading your post just yesterday:


    Ursula, from Disney's THE LITTLE MERMAID, is shown with two eels/serpents, and also wields a trident...She also had an alternate persona, and I think her size definitely syncs up with the image you posted of Beyonce in the bathtub with all that extra weight!

    I also have a post on my own site detailing my experiences with Salvia Divinorum...During my first trip, I met a ladybug-like entity, which I later identified as one of the THREE MAGUS SISTERS from the game Final Fantasy X. They are each outfitted as different insects; The smallest one is a BEE. The tallest one fights with a spear, but I did some searching, and it seems the sisters also appear on FFXI, and one of the rare rewards for beating her is called Z's TRIDENT! It wasn't until years later I suddenly recalled one day, that there's a piece of artwork someone uploaded to the Salvia Divinorum Research Center, called SALVIA AND HER SISTERS. Their relative sizes to each other are very similar to the Magus Sisters.

    Spooky, because that Salvia trip actually seemed like I was in a 3D videogame world...I've read in one of Jane Roberts books that its possible to astral project into places and scenarios that only exist in another person's imagination; Did I somehow trip my way into the mind of the game's creator, or into some metaphysical cyberspace where these characters have been given a pseudo-existence? Were they somehow unconsciously inspired by the archetypes or deities these sisters represent? Here's the post on my site I'm referring to:


  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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