V for Verification - Addendum

The above screenshot is cropped from a Facebook reply (written by a family friend) to a Note written by my sister, inviting her to a local upcoming film screening. I hadn't even heard of Day of Wrath, but the other movies mentioned seemed pretty significant given my last posting; Taxi Driver, The Passion of Joan of Arc, and The Spirit of the Beehive.

DeNiro and his chariot in Taxi Driver

Woman Warrioi Jovovich clone gestates in Resident Evil

Milla Jovovich was mentioned in my last post for her portrayal of Alice in the Resident Evil series and as the warrior spirit of Love in The Fifth Element, but my favorite role of hers has to be as Joan of Arc in Luc Besson's ironic historical tale, The Messenger (Dustin Hoffman deserves his own post for his role). She plays the dark angel again as Violet in Kurt Wimmer's 2006 bomb, UltraViolet, a Vampire no less...

Vivacious Valkyrie of Vendetta

So maybe Britney's crazy haircut thing wasn't just about avoiding a drug test? And what was up with that whole umbrella fiasco...

Natalie sporting the Ox constellation, complete with
a tri-piece pyramid guarding her Heart

The Spirit of the Beehive came across my radar as one of the inspirations for Pan's Labyrinth, which is one of the films that opened my eyes to the Mother Goddess pattern. It's a great film in it's own right, but for the pattern's bee significance, see my last post (edit: and my addendum at the end of this one) . Vouch.

THE SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE (1973), Víctor Erice

Set in the 1940s in a small village in post civil war Spain, Victor Erice's "The Spirit of the Beehive" is a haunting story seen primarily through the eyes of a young girl, Ana (Ana Torrent). After watching "Frankenstein" at the community theater, Ana becomes obsessed with the monster, and her sister, Isabel (Isabel Tellería), convinces her he is living in an abandoned building in the field by their house. One day she discovers a wounded soldier holing up there. Thinking he is the Spirit (as Isabel named the monster), she brings him food and clothing. When the soldier is discovered and killed, Ana's life and view of the world around her changes drastically. One one level, "The Spirit of the Beehive" is a probing account of a little girl and her dreams, imagination and the space she inhabits. The scenes with the two sisters interacting are priceless. However, on another level, one is aware of allusions to Franco, the political turmoil in Spain, and a country torn apart by civil war. The world of youth is never free from these darker allusions. Vast stretches of empty land and a village that appears to be inhabited primarily by children are haunted by their presence more than relieved by their innocence. Seen numeroud times, "The Spirit of the Beehive" will reveal different, yet always compelling, interpretations of how children are part of this complex larger world.

How's this for a beehive:

click to view fullsize

1/29/09 | 2:02 PM
The Spirit of Jennifer Hudson

Earlier today, in a brief conversation with my MoMs, I learned that she'd pre-ordered The Secret Life of Bees from Amazon.com weeks ago (It arrived this morning, I plan on borrowing it for analysis this weekend), just in time for my last two posts, V for Verification - Addendum and The View from the cheap seats (revised), which are both curiously peppered with connections to bees, and - factoring in yellow taxicabs and the new NFL SuperBowl champs - the colors yellow and black. One of my high school teachers once told me that human eyes differentiate between yellow and black better than between black and white...

Honeybee Hudson performs in black, gold and white

Chris Knowles over at The Secret Sun put together a mind-opening post on the 43rd SuperBowl (well done) recently that brought even more significance to the Bee pattern considering The Secret Life of Bees star Jennifer Hudson's performance of the National Anthem. The American Idol runner-up gained fame after her Oscar-winning performance as a third sister in Dreamgirls alongside the Queen Bee-yonce. Shortly after her surprising selection to the prestigious committee that hands out Oscars, the Academy, her family was mysteriously and brutally murdered in President Barak Obama's hometown and political birthplace, south Chicago. This performance was her first public appearance since the murders.

...more to come on those honeybees


The View from the cheap seats (revised)

NEW YORK - The women of "The View" yukked it up with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, mussed his often-mocked helmet of hair and asked him to do his impersonation of President Richard Nixon.

Such pleasant distractions
count down to point break
pay no attention to the man behind the curtain


V For Victoryhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V_sign

The V sign is a hand gesture in which the first and second fingers are raised and parted, whilst the remaining fingers are clenched. With palm inwards, in the UK and some other English speaking countries, it is an obscene insulting gesture of defiance. During the World War II, Winston Churchill popularised its use as a "Victory" sign (for V as in victory) initially with palm inwards and later in the war palm outwards. In the United States, with the palm outwards, and more recently, occasionally inward as well, it is also used to mean "Peace", a meaning that became popular during the peace movement of the 1960s.


1.27.2009 | 9:39pm
V For Verification

Shortly after writing the above post, I stopped over at Satoriallme's A Few Shots To Shaman to check for updates and comments; the blog had been on my mind partially because of the indirect mention of the Sophia, but mostly because of the peculiar image chosen as the header (a still shot from Gina Davis and Jim Carrey's Earth Girls Are Easy). The new post, entitled That's Eggzactly What I Said, explained the curious image further (making some interesting egg/womb synchs) and - surprise - veers into the pattern of V and the number 5. How bizarre...

sophia with mona and hanks

...can you see a V?

The verification of the synchromystic V occured for me on a cinema trip to see Spike Lee's decapitated-goddess-head war film Miracle At St. Anna's. At the ticket counter, I immediately noticed three large-scale movie ad displays; Saw V, Hugh Jackman's Australia (whose early displays featured a giant red V turned upside-down) and The Secret Life of Bees. I decided to re-watch The DaVinci Code that night, remembering references to the feminine V, and re-discovered Audrey Tautou, the super-cute french actress who plays the Holy Grail chalice, a.k.a. the last scion, a character aptly named Sophie Neveu (fr. noveau = new, the new Sophia/new wisdom). In 2008, Audrey replaced Australia's Nicole Kidman as the spokesperson for Coco Chanel's famous Chanel No. 5 (following Marilyn Monroe's footsteps), and Audrey will also be playing Coco Chanel in an upcoming biopic. Early in The DaVinci Code, Tautou/Sophie subtly echoes Natalie Portman's Garden State character, Sam, Children of Men's eve-resonator, Kee, and Dogma's last holy descendant, Bethany, by confessing that she does not believe in God...


Resident Evil 5, released with a sans-Milla animated movie in 2008

Satoriallme's study of the V as the number 5 revealed the depth of this synchromystic "direct hit" [whatupjake]. Milla Jovovich is a central character in my ongoing research of the sacred femine, and her place in the pattern was confirmed when she played the divine female warrior in The Fifth Element, a movie dripping with synchromystic symbolism. In addition to supporting synch-roles by LOTR's Bilbo, Ian Holmes, and Natalie Portman's pursuer from The Professional, Gary Oldman, The Fifth Element borrows some major plot points from the uber-synchromystic french CG production Immortel (required watching for all synch-heads).

The New Myths of the Sophia continue to unfold in front of me, pushing me towards a conclusion I don't yet understand. Despite it's apparent complexity, this post only barely scratches the surface of the Sophia's mysteries in ancient myth and pop culture. Sometimes this research feels a bit like following spots of light in darkness, but it's comforting to know I'm not traversing the labyrinth alone...

"The four-fold order is static, not dynamic. Every element has its quadrant, and every quadrant its element. There is no room for mystery, for surprise, for magic. Something is missing, and that something may be called spirit."
-excerpt from Spirit: The Fifth Element



Anonymous said...

This is a comment left on an extraordinary post from The Secret Sun that just struck me...Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"I have been keeping a synchronicity log and I must say, that for me at least, the number47 is a repeating theme. I think, in writing, or from a writers perspective, you want to cast theme upon your audience and let action points move the plot. Synchronicity, in my opinion, is becoming somewhat more real and or believable the more I monitor it. To say it another way, there are times you observe and are active or complicit in the exchange with the cosmos. And then there are other times where it is observing you. The handshake where those two meet, for me at least, has created an observable theme. Thus a light wielded at you and yet at times simply shadows cast upon you."

7:24 AM

Astronaut Theology: Witch Mountain and King Scorpion


Mother / Mater / Matter / Matrix... call me Sophie

The Mother of the Matrix
Sophia Stewart speaks;
the original writer of The Matrix and The
states her case, and drops some knowledge...

part one

part two

part three

part four

part five

* * * * * *

The Myth of Sophia — In Nine Parts

Alchemical image of Sophia as a Tree of Learning,

and source of the Elixir of Life


* * * * * *

Were You Looking at The
Woman in the Red Dress

* * * * * *
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