Ciara Learns Hypnotism (updated)

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"Hooking up with Justin Timberlake taught me all about hypnosis and how to get into people's minds. Now, thanks to JT, I feel like I can almost hypnotize the listener, take you to another place..."

-Ciara Harris, to The Daily Star

I know I was supposed to be done with this whole Ciara thing, but that quote was just too good. Hypnosis? Getting into people's minds? I've been going back and forth on my as-yet-unfinished "Hip-Hop Hypnosis" blog post for weeks now. Just a coincidence, right?

Super-C in a red-blue bullseye with dual pentagrams on her hands

More red-blue, more eye-heart C

How many times must one see a particular symbol or image before it becomes a pattern? At what point does imagery of Ciara focusing on a single eye no longer become stylistic coincidence?

one eye covered as the famous woman in the red dress
In the quote at the beginning of this post, Ciara seems to be openly admitting that her music, and Justin's, is really a form of mass hypnosis, and she learned the trick. I didn't even bring up the title of Ciara's newest single; Love Sex Magic, connecting this hypnosis with magic...

JT and Rihanna; same outfit, same hypnosis

Stuff like this makes me think that the powers-that-be behind the scenes (and by extension, the collective consciousness that I am) are beating us (myself) over the head with overt "clues" to the agenda. Images like the ones above appear to be pointing to a much more obvious pattern than your average sex-kitten pop-princess symbolism. Sometimes I wonder if the "clues" are being amp'ed up now that so many of us are becoming aware of them, in a conscious/subconscious attempt to hide them in plain sight. We have a tendency to associate the ubiquitous with the meaningless... However, if I take responsibility for the increase as an active creator of the pattern, perhaps I am simply still in need of more confirmation.

Justin smashing the egg with his leg/heel/sole

On confirmation:

An eerie (and previously unexplainable) image from Ciara's red robot pattern was confirmed by the work of my fellow researcher Arrowsmith in his study on the L'Aquila quake connecting the Ego/Eagle/Egg to the Leg...


Nothing strange here; just a robot helping a lady on a ladder with her shoes

...and then confirmation from Few Shots to Shaman's Jordan/23 studies came in the form of a video called "Stepped On My J'z" featuring the 23-year-old Ciara. The song is about getting a new pair of Jumpman Jordan sneakers (a.k.a. "J's") scuffed...


In the video, Ciara is shown wearing a small red purse around her ankle, again bringing focus to her leg, for more confirmation, thus connecting the themes of the all three of our studies together in one video (there's even a mention of the Jordan/rabbit movie Space Jam thrown in for good measure).


Sometimes, I try to remember what is was like to try and comprehend all this without the knowledge I now have of this pattern. Without the context of the Ego-Eye, or a Robot Agenda, or 3rd-Ear Gnosis, or any of the symbols and myths represented in the synch-web... could I really read something like that or see repeated imagery like this and just take it on face value, with no effect? Could anyone? Does anyone?


  1. What if I told you that you make the agenda? Strictly because you see the agenda... Then the Agenda is there.

  2. You're preaching to the converted, my friend; my last post was pretty much about recognizing one's own hand in creating the pattern; a by-product of self-awareness.

    Speaking practically though, we cannot know the mind of the all, the "agenda", simply by accepting that concept. If we could, there'd be no need for these fascinating blog studies. Hence, I(we) make the "agenda", yet some truths remain hidden, and therefore separate -for lack of a better term- while we figure out how to crack the egg.

  3. Here's part of the Looney Tunes: Back in Action movie in which Robbie the Robot makes an appearance.


  4. Nice catch! I forgot Brendan Frasier did that one... it's crazy how these syncs work sometimes; I've had two appearances by Jenna Elfman in my synchweb this week, and here she is again with Bugs Bunny.

  5. There is NO-thing but I AM.

    It wiLL sync in.

  6. Oh, I meant not to preach my teacher. I was just asking... I have no clue what's goin' on here. And I love what you said about it spreading out to places in the future that you haven't even seen yet. I got frustrated with this stuff once upon a sync and tried to conjure a symbol... Now that symbol has surfaced and been interprted by others. I still can not believe how deep this sync whole goes. Love your shit hate the word agenda... No offense intended I'm just abrasive some times. Peace Love and Thanks

  7. Toure can you send me an email address? I want to use your Kabbalah Tree of life image in the video. I knew nothing about it until two days ago. Peace

  8. W: "once upon a sync" . . . indeed.

    none taken, friend. i think a bit of abrasiveness is healthy in truth-seeking. perhaps even necessary. all love brother.

    bytheway, i still wanna collab witcha on a mother-goddess vid project, homie. been archiving clips from ghost in the shell and matrix revolutions to support my goddess-robot pattern so it's back on my mind again.

    jon: done and done. you got a vid workin? cant wait to see it... i been readin over some of your older stuff recently; the darkman/candyman analysis caught me. after re-watching with an open eye, i was floored by all the synchs in those films.

  9. LOVE your blog! I ran across it in a comment you posted on Rhymes With Snitch :D I'm gonna follow you also...its refreshing to read about these subliminals beacuse if your mind is not "open" to see through [READ BETWEEN THE LINES] of such things...i think you're doomed in a sense lol but no, not really aware of what these people are trying to do is more like it

    take care :D

  10. thanx for the love! feel free to add your thoughts; so many of my revelations come from random(?) comments. People like you are the reason I write. Much appreciated.

  11. I had never heard of Ciara, until looking to see who did the, ahem, lyrics for a song in my recent effort. Uncanny, how as I get caught up on your site, will find stuff I just talked about. Will have to link this from present article.

  12. I know this is an old post and I hope you get my comment. Notice that the ladder that Ciara and the other woman are sitting on with the robot looks ALOT like the compass that is used in freemasonry imagery.

  13. Excellent post!

    I found out about your blog last week through another site: I think it was Pseudo Occult Media but I digress as I read so many. Ever since the video "Sasha Fierce/Demon Possession" was shown to me on YT, I have kept my eyes open; searching on all angles. The I AM part didn't hit me until I watched a video by X-Ministries and I AM was a reference seperating One's self from GOD. Here, you have I AM from WillIAM RASt or STAR: making it I AM STAR: Chrisette Michele just released her single "I'm a Star" (written by The Dream) and performed it on The Monique Show (another handler). Will I.AM from the Black Eye Peas is another one: Your post's on Beyonce are really good. Keep up the good work.

  14. I also meant to add the disco ball can equate to shattered mirror/glass symbolism.


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