Horus as Heresy: Legends of The Fallen Lie (Updated)

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"[Horus] was seen as a great falcon with outstretched wings whose right eye was the sun and the left one was the moon. In this form, he was sometimes given the title Kemwer, meaning (the) great black (one)."

"I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly."
-John 10:10, King James Bible

In my previous post, I explored the pattern of the Dark Savior seen in the original Hebrew warrior version of Jesus -the Lion of Judah- and the 2008 anointing of the astrological Leo, Barack H. Obama, as the political pop star messiah of the new Age of Globalism. These connections led me to a) evidence of the prevalence of the dark savior image in PoP, b) the literal representation of the "dark" savior through the dark-skinned man, and c) some confusion about the good/bad switching that seems to permeate the Hero Myth through characters like Fight Club's Tyler Durden, Avatar's Jake Sully and, of course, Batman. In this new age, the image of the dark knight, the anti-hero, seems fitting to our modern mode of storytelling, but in actuality, the true face of the mythical hero has always been dark. Or better yet, one side has...

"Live life abundantly."
-Will Smith, Seven Pounds

blue - lie-on - I


Life is but a dream

beLieve -ing is seeing, especially in EyeMAX

King James, on the Kross (kind of)

"On the eve of the state opening of the second session of [King] James's first Parliament, on 5 November 1605, a soldier named Guy Fawkes was discovered in the cellars of the parliament buildings guarding a pile of wood, not far from 36 barrels of gunpowder with which he intended to blow up Parliament House the following day and cause the destruction, as James put it, "'not only... of my person... but of the whole body of the State in general'"


afro halo

 With the advent of Roman Christianity and the forced proliferation of organized uniformed religion, the tragic hero seen in the stories of antiquity was replaced by the sanctified righteousness of the White Knight, which it seems, never quite fit (Check out Black Star Resurrection: Lion is Lamb for more on the dark hero). The word "hero" comes from the actual name of Horus -Haru- but the term "Hero" was coined by ancient Greek myth-makers to describe their demigods (half-god, half-man). Legends like Achilles and Perseus were flawed, tortured, imperfect and often immoral. The purpose of having such blemished characters in the starring role was to make the character accessible to the audience. The imperfect reader/viewer/listener could put themselves into the character; the Hero became their avatar.

man in blue

avatar |ˈavəˌtär|
noun, chiefly Hinduism
a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth; an incarnate divine teacher.
• an incarnation, embodiment, or manifestation of a person or idea :  
he set himself up as a new avatar of Arab radicalism.
[actual example from the definition]
• Computing: a movable icon representing a person in cyberspace or virtual reality graphics.

Will-I-am, blue-faced jesus, one-(I)eyed

demigod antihero (freedooooooom!!)

an avatar we can believe [ourselves] in


"Take the blue pill... wake up in your bed... beLieve whatever you want to believe"

"Why oh why didn't I take the blue pill?"

This tactic -using the simplified, imperfect character icon as a target audience's generalized reflection- was seen used in a more paradoxical [schizo] fashion in the 2008 presidential campaign. While headlines touted Obama as the popstar-messiah, he was subtly being sold as the "everyman"; champion of the middle class,  grassroots community organizer, the Robin Hood of modern politics. Ironically, his opponents on the Conservative [red] side did most of the selling through their repeated attempts to label Obama as a socialist (while simultaneously calling him"elitist"). The "everyman" avatar theme was again connected to the dark hero archetype through Obama's reverse-anointment by his protractors as the ultimate anti-hero, The Anti-Christ.

 red state, blue state, red face, blue face, one face, two face...

not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good

This is where Obama's place in the pattern gets tricky.

Despite what Alex Jones and others may preach about Obama being simply more of the same, something about this change is real. When the leading presidential candidate of a reportedly Christian nation is being called the Antichrist by major media, something is different. As I said in the last post, the significant change is in imagery, the label, the icon, more than the man himself. It's not quite the pill we were sold during that brilliantly-marketed campaign, but the blatant racism being unearthed is telling. The newly-formed anti-government Tea Party movement is really just anti-Obama, and since Obama is meant to be our avatar, The Joke's on us. On a personal note, I find it hilarious how many people have so passionately jumped on the anti-Obama activism bandwagon with no clue of what they actually believe, simply acting as conduits, medium, messengers for other talking heads. Well, it would be hilarious, if it weren't so tragic.

"I just realized the vibe that struck about the Sirius stuff during the election- it was like these people were in on some joke that we were not. Like they knew what was going on and were yukking it up with the dog being a major issue, and all of the business about Obama being the man for 'serious times.'"

Sirius Black, played by Gary Oldman who stars with 
Denzel Washington in Book of Eli, and with 
Christian Bale in The Dark Knight [ha]

Mr Serious in black, The Joker in white

Sirius and Sun?

black man in white-face

The United States of America has elected its first black president.
So what?

Well, in case anyone's still in the dark on this, the so-called black American male has been at the bottom of the sociocultural hierarchy since this country was founded, around 232 B.O. [before obama]. The significance of a black president standing at the top of that hierarchy -in a time of [cosmic] crisis- is in the precedence, not the president (to quote Van Jones). Let's not lie to ourselves; the history of the image of the black man in popular media is, well, bad. The propagation of that image -as opposed to more positive images of black men- is the result of a systematic and voluntary move by string-pullers in media to paint a very specific picture. The modern ascension of the black superhero archetype and the new face of the black man in PoP -mainly due to roles played by Will Smith and Denzel Washington- has been more than obvious. The change is in the imagery, in the medium more than [or maybe as much as] the message.

But then, the message is the medium...

On Message

We like to think of the president of the US as the country's "boss", the decision-maker for major policy, the commander-in-chief... but none of these are really accurate. The president serves three main functions; giving good speeches (i.e. gaining support for policy), representing the government to the populace and representing the country to the world. The US is now represented by a black man. Much to the dismay of many so-called American "loyalists", Obama is now an icon that stands for what America means. Just like the eagle.

opening scene from J.Cameron's Avatar

a curiously 'masked' shot found in the director's cut

MichaEL the VickTor, 
had a great fall, 
from Falcon to Eagle, 
dogs and all

"For my own part I wish the Bald Eagle had not been chosen the Representative of our Country. He is a Bird of bad moral character. He does not get his Living honestly. You may have seen him perched on some dead Tree near the River, where, too lazy to fish for himself, he watches the Labour of the Fishing Hawk; and when that diligent Bird has at length taken a Fish, and is bearing it to his Nest for the Support of his Mate and young Ones, the Bald Eagle pursues him and takes it from him. With all this Injustice, he is never in good Case but like those among Men who live by Sharping & Robbing he is generally poor and often very lousy"
-Benjamin Franklin, c. 1784

Horus eagle turned blue

dark eagle bull'seye

rise of the fallen bird

the sun's in my [left] eye

Three days before Hillary Clinton conceded her campaign and formally joined Barack Obama's run for the presidency, Columbia Pictures released Will Smith's new anti-hero summer blockbuster, Hancock. Anyone even remotely paying attention noticed the over-played eagle/falcon/hawk symbolism, from the giant bird he drew on his prison cell wall, to the pet hawk he curiously shows up with in the film's final scene. There has been plenty of discussion on the meaning behind this symbolism in the blogosphere - most notably Christopher Knowles' amazing work at The Secret Sun, where he makes the case that Hancock is literally Horus - but the simplest connection may have been lost on most. Will Smith, as the eagle Heru, represents the United States of America. Just like Obama.

"superstar Will Smith has revealed he has his eye on the greatest role of his life"

Captain America

Though there's truth in it,

this turned out to beLie...

...thank God...
(the blue one, on your left [your other left])

afro halo

Both Obama and Will Smith have become PoP Icon. I-con. Eye Con... what we see is the con. What we see is the mask. But is that mask, that idea, any less real? Either way, it's definitely easier for us to put ourselves behind the mask if the [message of the] mask is in plain black-n-white. Well, white mostly.

chaos is fair, chaos is balanced, chaos is order

[imitations of] men for serious times

the clown as the white lie

Setting truth aside, the Mask, as our surrogate self, our avatar, is an Idea. Behind that mask we are invincible and free, and through it we can live forever. Or so they say. In the 2009 film Surrogates, people feel freed by being able live through [perfected] robotic masks. A new weapon that somehow kills people through their eyes reveals that someone can die with their surrogate body, and negates the whole point of using surrogates. As in The Matrix and Avatar, living vicariously through the mask in the dream realm frees the mind and allows one to redefine life, as well as death. How has living through our own online avatars redefined life for us, I wonder... seeing ourselves through the collective eye[i], finding/losing ourselves in a lie...

 Surrogates poster

one I in darkness

black hawk down

death... of I
on to the next [one]
The mask is beLief
believing is where the ideas die
like magick

mad hatter voodoo from The Princess and The Frog (also here)

"I would love to live in a simplistic cartoon world where all the 'baddies' are part of the 'evil Illuminati' and the rest are good but pathetic victims. That would make things very easy. Nice and black and white."
-Anonymous commenter at The Secret Sun

afro halo (and jupiter jacks)

"This is the yin and yang of the Democratic Party, and this speech created the perfect circle"
-Mark Aronchick, Hillary Clinton's Pennsylvania Campaign Chairman after Clinton's Concession Speech

Black Hero, White Mask, Both I's

This pattern feels very different from the last chapter. There's still that feeling of up-is-down that was so prevalent in the Wonderland Series, but this path seems more schizophrenic. Less defined but more solid. Distinctively separated, but still very connected... the form and flow of these connections seems to reflect the idea of the avatar: one may see oneself in the reflection, but the reflection is not what it is. I wish things would make sense for a change.

still shot from Beyonce's Video Phone video with Lady GaGa; see the masks?

Obama [literally 'on the fence'] with MoM and PoP... with Pipe

This is not a pipe... that is not spinach... 


"Your own father said that artists use lies to tell the truth. Yes, I created a lie. But because you believed it, you found something true about yourself."
-V from V For Vendetta

I am not what I am... I Am US

sync wink: blue eye, red heart

Will Smith showed up in the Beyonce robot pattern because of his roles in Men In Black and I, Robot. Both films cast [Agent] Smith as the black lion opposite white lambs, and both films touched on the "I"-eye-Ego connection using the robot allegory; the Men in Black [agents] replaced truth with lie by erasing memories using the red-eyed, hand-held HAL robots, and in I, Robot, Will Smith battles [then sides with] a robot who believes the memories implanted in his programming are his own dreams. That robot -called Sonny [sun/son/ra]- infers that he and Will are like-minded, was given his dreams by his missing [surrogate] father, and saves the day by being able to escape the hive mind and join the mob... er, I mean, the revolution. The collective robot consciousness in I, Robot is controlled by a blue goddess, and denoted by the red-eye/red light inside the chest symbolizing the Oz Tin Man's heart. In Men In Black 2, Will Smith shared spotlight with Eagle Eye's [Agent] Zoe, Rosario Dawson, the actress he gave his heart to in Seven Pounds. [whew]

eye is the door of light

i am coming through

This theme of black-and-white came onto my radar with the interesting pattern of the black-and-white suit. The [fake] IRS agent uniform from the Seven Pounds poster is the agent uniform from MIB and The Matrix, as well as the hitman uniform from Pulp Fiction, and the only suit Mr. Manhattan would ever care to wear. The award for most career black-and-white suit appearances goes to Keanu Reeves, for the wardrobe syncs from films like Constantine, Devil's Advocate, The Day The Earth Stood Still and Johnny Mnemonic. Dark Savior Duality for days...

Neo as the Anti-Christ

The over-emphasized duality seen in these connections, symbols and stories seems to ultimately be the lie, but within that lie is truth. When Obama says "we are the change we have been waiting for", he's exploiting our spiritual need to connect as one [me/we] and the energy of transition we feel coming, all for political gain. There may not be an altruistic or progressive bone in his body; it might all be a well-crafted mask. For the purposes of the pattern, it seems, validity of that truth is, somehow, both irrelevant to the meaning beneath, and the key to seeing beyond it. After all this, I still don't really know what I'm saying here. All I know is, this mask being used as truth is a tough but necessary nut to crack, and as they say, if you wanna make an omelette, you gotta break the shell.

But, don't hold me to that.

Are you human? My body is.

02.12.2010 2:10AM

Exploring this particular pattern has been strangely difficult, as simple as it feels. The experience of writing this piece felt very much like the unlikely discomfort that kept me from finishing Sacred Sex, Popped Stars and Holy Babble a few months back. While Sacred Sex was a cloudy concept that solidified as I documented it, the Lion/Lamb pattern was an immediately solid vision that got cloudier as the concept went from mind to monitor. It took some honest critique from some close friends for me to understand why...

Dear Patient Reader;

Once you finished reading this piece, did you feel a sort of emptiness? You're not alone.

black hole eclipse - light revealing the shape of darkness

This research began as a case study on the anti-hero represented by Black Stars like Will Smith, Denzel Washington and Barack Obama, but soon transformed into a commentary on the nature of fiction as an envelope for truth. The fiction is The Mask, The Light, The Surrogate/Avatar, The Ego "I", while the hidden truth is The Dark, The Spirit, The "I Am". When Avatar's Jake Sully left his white human body, he showed us all his darker self, his spirit, able to take on another mask and still be true; symbolized aptly enough by the film's closing [and opening] scene of a single opened eye. Once the movie ends, once the mask of fiction is lifted, what we are left with feels something like emptiness. The Light, the lie that reveals truth, is a very pleasant distraction from The Darkness, where there is no truth and there is no lie. Here is the Abyss, where the spirit beyond Ego seems to transcend definition, and we are left with nothing to hold on to, much like the feeling my friends and I got after reading this post.

Problem is, that "Abyss" concept is also misleading. As James Cameron's other "blue" movie reveals, down in the deepest dark, what seems like emptiness is nowhere near. The Abyss is us; it is the oneness that is our collective spirit. Once the mask is lifted, all that's left is us. We are all so used to having heroes -avatars- to step into, masks with which to define ourselves, that once we are faced with the endless void that lies beneath, we feel lost. This, I believe, is why synchronicity research can feel like madness. The seemingly random patterns give us a glimpse of an all-connected consciousness where the absence of "light" keeps us from being able to tell reality from dream, truth from lie, good from evil... all these dualities dissolve into the one. Like The Matrix's Neo (N-E-O, O-N-E), submitting to the abyss, giving up the dualistic fight, means returning to the source, reconciling our individuality with the realization that everything is everything. The hero, the god, the one, with a thousand faces, that I Am.



  1. damn I wish I had time to read this, this morning.
    If our hanging man is will smith, you will likely get that chapter. . . Of course where do we put Keanu? The Sun?
    great work,
    I can't wait!

  2. yeah I streamed through real fast too but gotta head off to work ... can't wait to come home

  3. Excellent Synchromystical sleuthing, G-man, excellent Synchromystical sleuthing. I'm just sorry that I hadn't sent this Blue Man Group some time earlier to you, you, you, YOU. That'll teach me to dilly dally. Oh, well. Always wishing you all the very best! ~ (•8-D

  4. Haha, yo, the final boss (a giant Shiva space woman statue) in Bayonetta was brought to life by the antagonist placing himself in the right eye and bayonetta being placed into the left!

  5. Woulda like to seen you throw Mark Hamil as the "Cock Knocker" from 'Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back' in there.

    Lebron James is changing his number from 23 year to honor Micheal Jordan. Plus he also has 'Chosen One' tattooed on his back.

    Just thinking the other day cause I am an actor and I would never play a gay role in a movie. Will Smith and Keanu Reeves both played homosexuals in movies. There are enough out of work gay actors, I wouldn't want to take a role away from them anyways. But back to my point if anyone follows. If Will Smith, Keanu Reeves or any other actor kisses or "makes out" with a guy on a set it's a homosexual act. It's not like they CGIed it. So technically they are homosexual males. I am not religious at all but the gay blogger Micheal said something about a homosexual Jesus and that kinda goes with this post IMO.

    Just watched that video phone video, thanks for the link what a horrible song couldn't make it to far into the video. Music is so bad anymore. As much as I hate new rap I love that JayZ song, the part abut tearing it off and riding it like a skateboard is tight.

    Anyways nice post, you really were flowing.

  6. Ishmael, James, I cant wait to hear what you guys think. i had previous online conversations with both of you in mind when writing this one...

    Anadae, there's so much in that pic. the blue man group, the mob... Azeem from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was called "the painted man"... also, i'm reminded of some research i ran across sometime back connected the ancient Naga people -who were depicted as blue- to the modern term "Nigger".

    J, are you commenting as anonymous on purpose? i know you have a blogger profile... we gotta start getting video game clips along with movie clips. the syncs just keep piling up. the statue was brought to life by going through the eye-door. i know if i was still working the goddess stuff i wouldve seen a lot more stuff in Bayonetta.

    Quark, i didnt remember the Jay and Bob role; i'll have to look that one up. i wonder what Lebron's new number will be... gotta find that tatt. As far as the gay jesus thing; i was talking to James about the film The Maltese Falcon, which was the quintessential Film Noir film and a great example of the anti-hero. Supposedly, the film has some heavy homosexual undertones. will dig deeper.

    that jayz song got me too. y'know, something about it makes me think of The Police and Bowie meets electronic hip hop. that VideoPhone song is pretty terrible, and Lady Gaga just doesnt fit. Beyonce is as fine as ever tho.

    Will, our research has been lining up from day one here at The Patternist, but there's something eerie about how we're syncing these days. i wanted to write so much more about "honest" Abe being the white knight/white horse and all the lies associated with his image. you know he didnt even like black people? plus, he syncs so heavily with Obama.

  7. labels aren't always important Mr.Patternist, maybe the mysterious JC wasn't logged in. ;D

  8. I'm gonna have to digest your post in sections due to time constraints ... but here's what I have so far. I'm just gonna be quoting Manly P. Hall.

    The important point to be remembered is that when the sun was said to be in a certain sign of the zodiac, the ancients really meant that the sun occupied the opposite sign and cast its long ray into the house in which they enthroned it. Therefore, when it is said that the sun is in Taurus, is means (astronomically) that the sun is in the sign opposite to Taurus, which is Scorpio. This resulted in two distinct schools of philosophy: one geocentric and exoteric, the other heliocentric and esoteric. While the ignorant multitudes worshiped the house of the sun's reflection, which in the case described would be the Bull, the wise revered the house of the Sun's actual dwelling, which would be the Scorpion, or the Serpent, the symbol of the concealed spiritual mystery. This sign has three different symbols. The most common is that of a Scorpion, who was called by the ancients the backbiter, being the symbol of decit and perversion; the second (and less common) form of the sign is a Serpent, often used by the ancients to symbolize wisdom.
    Probably the rarest form of Scorpio is that of an Eagle. The arrangement of the stars of the constellation bears as much resemblance to a flying bird as to a scorpion. Scorpio, being the sign of occult initiation, the flying eagle - the king of birds - respresents the highest and most spiritual type of Scorpio, in which it transcends the venomous insect of the earth.

    this is me speaking now ... I think the trinity here is important notice ... blue being highest, then yellow then red

    darn there's another quote I can't find ... it's a Monotheistic Deity the Egyptians worshiped that was Blue

    I'll be back

  9. oh and the Sun is actually Blue ... you have to see past the illusory reflection

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. that last comment is really unfair without much supplemental ... but ... I was thinking just now that the blue light from flourscent and certain halogens is what severs the neural connections in the brain stem and all other sorts of weird health defects ... so it's a blue light, which means it's really orange

    the Sun as a Symbol does not mean the Sun
    it means it's passive and active energies

    many times we symbols as triads or duals ... the Sun has agitating energy and a passive energy ( photosynthesis)

  12. Amazing like always!
    love this, "After all this, I still don't really know what I'm saying here."
    Trying to bridge that gap between knowing and explaining is the trick that we attempt.

    It feels like it is all coming together. All of our themes and little puzzles are pieces in a larger puzzle that we could build together. I arrived at a similar Obama/Smith place, and haven't considered it for a time.

    So what are we do w/ the Abe Lincoln?--just now trying to type this I typed Ave twice before I got Abe--so Ave Lincoln eh?
    I might spend the day reading today. There is so much to catch up on. It was like maybe a week and half ago that Kidder was complaining that there was a slow down at the whole. . .

    so we got white guilt, racism, man in black living in a white house, black blue guys, and a stove top hat

    the only way through is between. Parzival. Heal the King. You know there are three kings. (And they correspond to the three realms.) I guess that is where my play seems headed-our symbolic landscape.
    By all means continue. For what ever reason, your flow seems the most solid to me--that most applicable to "real" life. I don't know what I'm saying. take care. lots of love.

  13. my mini theme just wynced.
    I've *noticed* purple for a time since about xmas.
    saw this today--

    And now need to watch the film. I don't know if I ever have.

  14. Stumbled onto this today and thought of your post.

    Another blue alien:

  15. Indigo-blue and red.What is meant by evolutionary flashpoint? Black hole sun is blue to me. Nice synch think patterns. Shine forth brave souls! Dennis

  16. I understand what your trying to say to a certain degree. But I would love to feel it more deeply. What are you trying to get me to feel?

    For examples:
    "but in actuality, the true face of the hero has always been dark." (your words). Give me an example or a couple of examples after this.

    "The Joke's on us." (your words) Why is the joke on us?

    "Eye Con... what we see is the con. What we see is the mask." (your words) What is the mask to you?

    I think what you are on is great! But I would love to see more involvement in what you are trying to get us to see through your eyes.

    Keep it up. Can't wait to read more.

  17. well worth a second read. should say more, but maybe need to think on that.

  18. Toure, I wouldn't say I felt empty when I first read your post. I just didn't have an immediate reaction. I was probably feeling your own confusion as to what it all means, so didn't really know how to respond.

    I completely empathize with you. The stuff we're playing around with here is confusing as hell, but then I think that's part of the fun. Unravelling the mystery piece by piece means that we can examine, and appreciate, each and every inch of it. When we get pissed off or frustrated with our patterns I think that it's a sign that we've not yet been given all the key components. We're trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle with only half the pieces. After a while you want to throw it against the wall because the picture isn't making any sense. I've been there...many times.

    I think patience is the key. Each and every jigsaw piece needs to be studied so that you can figure out where it slots into the Whole. Jigsaw puzzles are long-winded drawn out affairs. It's like a game of chess. It's not like a quick game of Tekken. It's not going to be over in two rounds. Remember that it's a game, and games are meant to be enjoyed. If you're not having fun, then you're not playing it right. Try slipping on a different mask and have another go. Instead of the Black or White mask, maybe try a color this time. I recommend the Blue.

    I think you're definitely onto something with this Mask pattern. Lately it's been a strong theme in my own life. A sign of change I think. Removing one persona so we can step into the next. Shedding our skin so that we can grow a new one. Have faith in the process and everything'll unravel right on time. I'm sure of it. Peace.

  19. I haven't forgotten you Tye. I thought about your addition and "the emptiness" all yesterday and today. Tonight I found an answer to your pattern, or better, I should say I had a revelation--that or my bath was too hot.

    If you look at the Eunus Noe profile picture on FTBOTW blog you'll see an image my wife did of me traveling to the moon in my own capsule, a bathtub. It is how I find balance (my own personal Ayahuasca ceremony, my own private Idaho). I sweat, read stuff and then sync as deep into my unconscious as I can. Usually the reading is sync-y too. I usually bring a stack of books and read what "feels" right.

    So anyway, I read something tonight that may be an answer to me, and to you, and to whole world. After my reading, I closed my eyes and went under, I saw us traveling to the world's holy and sacred places telling people about what we do-- which is cultivating a meaningful relationship to our present moment by seeking the authentic. That's our teaching, I think. What's so funny though is I thought I was just taking my leap now. This journey is almost over. Even though Jonah didn't want to deliver his message, he was still in the whale traveling to his destination. We are almost there. (Just like Jim and Jake have been saying forever now. if I had a nickel for every time I doubted those guys. . .) We've been in the underworld now for so long, I've almost forgotten and become lost or stuck. The dragon is dead! It has been dead now for so long, but we need to finish our hero quest and bring that which we obtained in the underworld back to society. We can make a better world.

    Of course all this might just be metaphor too--for my own individual psyche or for the good I can do in my own community.

    I did see us in Washington though in my little moon-shot, meeting with the president, our earthly Jupiter. (There are three Kingdoms, and ours--that which needs healing is the kingdom of the spirit--this is the boon we are going to bring back to the earthly kingdom, a healed and whole spirit.) Obama is a good man. Of course, (to stay in metaphor) so was Lando. He caved to the empire. He had to. He had no choice. He was a servant of the the system, the machine.

    So the emptiness you feel is good. I've been feeling like this so for so long. I'll copy the passage I found as soon as I can, and we'll move this adventure nearer to our emergence from the underworld--that or you'll think I'm crazy!

  20. Battling Empire:

    In the following youtube clip, the Palestinians become the Navi of "Avatar", battling American Ampire via its colony Israel like the Palestinians of the 1st century battled the Roman Empire. The video shows a recent nonviolent protest on Feb. 2 of Palestinians dressed up as Navi, protesting the Israeli project of ethnic cleansing (removing Palestinians from Palestine).


    The Navi are "blue black" (black actors painted blue) like Krishna, the blue painted 8th Avatar of Vishnu. The name "Krishna" means "black" (like Kali Ma) and the term "Avatar" is mostly associated in Hinduism with Vishnu and his ten or more Avatars. (Avatars, in my opinion, are like the 99 plus names of Allah, or the forms of YHVH whether imagined as 10 spirits, 7 spirits or 3 persons)

    The Navi have a matriarchal Faith based on the Goddess and the comprehension of Reality, Nature and therefore all Divinity (the Universe) as fundamentally Feminine, not unlike the evolutionary history of Life on Earth. (Black Goddess Eve is Everything, the flow of our eternal Evolution)

    The Navi worship this Goddess via Trees, like the ancient Hebrews worshiped the Goddess Ashera, YHVH's Lover, through wood and Trees: thus, christmas Trees, Yule Logs and Ash Wednesday, the Norse Ash Tree at the Center of the Universe, the Ashoka Tree beneath which Buddha is born, even the flaming Rasberry Tree saying "AIE ASHR AIE" or I am that I am. Goddess Ashera can be seen in that phrase. Notice that the Tribe of Asher rules the month of December, the month of Christmas Trees and Yule Logs. The Asher tribe is the trace of Goddess Ashera after Hebrew kings and judges tore down her wood posts and tree sites, especially those in the temples of Yahweh, forbidding but not eliminating Hebrew worship of Her. Ashera is YHVH's WOOD or Erection (think the movie "The Wood" or the term woody), as Fertility Goddess of Love as Eros (Venus/Aphrodit/Ishtar/Anat/Allat). I see Ashera in Yoruban Ashe (Oya) as well as "from dust to dust, ashes to ashes. Ashera, like Kali Ma, is associated with ashes (her wood posts were burned in a seemingly Hebrew ritual of Sati), thus Ash Wednesday and the Catholic marking of the 3rd eye with ashes. As Sea and perhaps war, i see Ashera in the Ashera submarine (marine life of Mary).

    Goddess Ashera is Queen of Sea and Heaven (like Mary of Marine Life); She is also Goddess of War (like Mary in Mars or war). Do you see the "war" in the word "water"? Ashera/Mary is therefore also Iemanja-Olokun, Oshun, Oya, Saraswati, Kali Ma in the Ocean, the eternal Flow of Nunet (Egypt), the Waters of Chaos, etc in feminine & masculine formations

    One of the forms of Ashera is Jah himself. Ashera is called "Lion Lady". She is the Pussy power behind the big Pussy!!! Aum

    Recent research suggests that the Palestinians are the closest genetic relatives of the ancient Hebrews, the Tribe of Judah, not the mostly European Israelis. The Palestinians, unfortunately, have unjustly had to pay for the German crimes against millions of Jews, communists, Gypsies, homosexuals, differently-abled and Slavs during World War Two.

  21. Also the Saints victory and Toussaint L'oeverture:

    Toussaint = All Saints.

    Remember also that Toussaint battled Empire, like the Navi, like the Palestinians of the 1st century (including Jesus) and current-ly (in the contemporary flow).

    In short, but with unbearably more to say, one of the key questions of the future for humanity is how to battle Empire as Slavoj Zizek/ Marx/ Lenin/ Guevara/ Walter Rodney, etc. concieve it, or even as Negri and Hardt conceive it. This is the Empire of the nation-state as well as that of a more fluid, de-centered global capitalism. The Empire of individual personalities as well called ego. Somehow battling Empire might be a necessity as it was for the Navi, not a choice. In other words, we may need to battle Empire for survival. Maybe.

  22. Did the Haitian tragedy produce a plethora of Saints "on the other side"? My family from New Orleans has much Haitian heritage, and New Orleans has been a very Haitian city, with past waves of Haitian immigrants. New Orleans shares with Haiti the worship of Saints or Loa in syncretic African-European-Native American Faiths like Vodun and Santeria; Ayida-Domballah lives in the Crescent City, the Big Easy, like S/he lives in Haiti; think of the famed series of Octoroon Vodun priestesses in New Orleans called "Marie Laveau".

    Also, Danny Glover has just gotten funds to make a feature-length dramatic film (not simply a docu- as that's already been made) about Toussaint, after years of struggle and race-inflected rejection. A recent article asks why a movie about a fictional rebellion can be made (the Navi) and not the actual rebellion of Africans in Haiti, the most miraculous and sea-changing revolution of its kind in world herstory, in which a country of slaves made a democratic revolution against Empire (France).

    Could it be that the Saints actually marched in, in part from Haiti: think of the number of Haitian players on the field?

    Just wishful thinking, but the Saints victory game did have me synched out, in more ways than i am willing to tell...

  23. So here is the thing I read in the tub last night. My answer to your feeling of emptiness. I copied it up. Please excuse any mistakes. since last night it has lost much of its immediacy to me. It still rings though.
    The book is good. I will likely get back into it.
    be well.

  24. I remembered what I wanted to tell you.

    I wanted to share something from Joseph Campbell's *Power of Myth*

    At one point he was talking with Bill Moyers about "meaning" and J.C. said that one shouldn't look for meaning in myth, and this is because meaning tends to be an intellectual exercise--he said one should seek "an experience of being alive" (sound familiar? I had forgotten my own way!) I think this is why I'm grounded again.

    Anyway, for him--J.C., myth was the language of the universe. for whatever reason, narrative is the human thing. For a time i was calling it, "The Story". I think it was even you who said--"The Story abides, dude." J.C. stated that the importance of myth was communicating an experience of being alive. Interesting in light of our *Avatar* conversation. My intellect wanted to pound that film into pulp, but your heart said--wait up, there is something there.

    So whether we call the language of the universe myth, the story, or sync as is my wont now, it communicates.

    "I think we don't have ideology," he said. "We don't have theology. We dance."

  25. What a surprising awakening this has been...

    "we don't have theology. we dance"

    "one of the key questions of the future for humanity is how to battle Empire... This is the Empire of the nation-state as well as that of a more fluid, de-centered global capitalism. The Empire of individual personalities as well called ego."

    "Each and every jigsaw piece needs to be studied so that you can figure out where it slots into the Whole."

    "What are you trying to get me to feel? Why is the joke on us? What is the mask to you?"

    "the Sun as a Symbol does not mean the Sun"

    like a bridge to nowhere, a bridge to now here, a bridge... something that connects, like a pattern. i feel as if some greater enlightening truth, some eureka moment should be hitting me. this revelation, it seems, is more so something to get lost in rather than hold on to. a black hole sun, dark matter, the source... the pattern is us after all, thinking i could find it on my own was just ego. thank you all.

    and yes, joseph, you need a blog dude.

  26. .. greatly sympathize. But focusing on a pattern, any pattern however much like an artform it seems is like the policeman in dark city who went crazy. Ego is just rearranging the pieces to find another form of education. We choose the poison ourselves. Try to step out of that lucid control, out of the need to control things and reality (The Butterfly Effect) and step out into the open? Take the step back to the beach and talk to your father...

    Its waiting for us all. Waking up. Be blissful and blessed, we're in the healing chamber..


  27. @RT Hansen

    i wonder if noticing analogical patterns primarily helps us nurture a Faith in Reality/the Universe. More practically, noticing logical and analogical patterns creates knowledge and science, as well as technics.

    The Universe/ Reality/ Materiality often seems painfully random and seemingly meaningless.

    Noticing analogical patterns in the Universe need not be an ego-trip of trying to control the Universe. Neither is noticing analogical (as opposed to logical) patterns the path to craziness or education, unless such patterns become religion or dogma/doctrine. It seems pointless to try to teach analogical patterns or try to lead people/influence people with analogical patterns.

    Rather, noticing analogical patterns provides the symbolic material for a personal (never collective) Faith that the Universe is benevolent (good to itself), despite the overwhelming suffering it goes through when it becomes Sensient Life like us.

    Analogical patterns (pater/father) suggest that Infinite Materiality (mater/Mother Universe) may be radically interconnected, maybe even SENSIENT IN ENTIRETY. In other words, the Universe might be sensient as a whole, rather than just in parts (individual sensient entities).

    Patterns seem the masculine expressions of a Feminine Universe (materiality/reality/matrix), if we notice that masculinity is a form of femininity in evolutionary terms. From Mater/ matter comes pater. From Infinite chaos (mater) comes patterns of implicate order. From the feminine evolves/ is born the masculine. maybe. (By "materiality" i mean matter, anti-matter, dark matter and whatever else, including nothing or absence: whatever "matters")

    Patterns could suggest that even though the Universe is an infinitely peculiar integration of hell and heaven, that despite this integration, the Universe might be more heaven than hell for All Sensient aspects of itself. Maybe. or at least i hope. One can hope this only if one assumes that the Universe takes care of all parts of itself equally, and that it functions to redeem/ satisfy/ sanctify all aspects of itself regardless of ethical or moral principles. In other words, the sinner/ hater must have the same destiny as the saint/ lover for the Universe to "care" for itself. The process may be different, but the destiny must be the same; different paths, same goal.

    That's, at least, what i hope the analogical patterns mean. If not, then analogical patternism simply reveals the interconnectedness of an ultimately sado-masochistic Universe, unequally unjust and cruel to different parts of itself. Analogical patternism then would simply be the effect of greater global social interconnection afforded by technics and a hyperactive attention to symbol and text. Somehow, the latter doesn't feel correct, but maybe it is.

    The (sensient?) Universe to be just requires an Ultimatum: a condition of "Bliss" that is the virtually Eternal and total destiny for each and every sensient person burdened with becoming parts of its Infinite Materialization or Play. The Universe, if it is Whole or All One, should logically be just to all aspects of itself, including haters, who are people made crazy in their own body-minds or made crazy in various hells on Earth. The only justice is Eternal Bliss for every person, otherwise, there is no such thing as justice.

    If we inhabit the same Universe as our "enemies" then they are logically part of "us". Thus, the enemy inside of us musn't be excised (burned in hell) but redeemed, transformed, welcomed by joy. That is the real task of politics-- if the Universe is Whole and completely sensient in a just, caring and blissful way that supercedes/ dominates/ transforms its horrific character.

    Otherwise, who gives a fuck?

  28. after reading this post for the 3rd time and all of our convo's, things are becoming a bit clearer(as it concerns this topic). That initial incomplete feeling has been replaced by...uuhh, a feeling of being content with nothingness. Like you where kinda saying, we are our own avatars. We end up defining ourselves by culture, language, and peoples opinions of us(more or less). All which are temporal, subject to change,and or fictitious. We are nothing without our masks... so what are we left with when we "take it off"? And is that what we're trying to do here? Anyway well talk about it more under tea and baked goods.
    P.s I stay anonymous cuz I don't wanna wear my digital avatar! Anonymous how I keep it real son! :D

  29. wow serious shet

  30. you have connected the dots but you have not equated the links to your own soul while your are out something esle is within you!!! why don't you transcend the mask and realize the Heru of you
    a heru with a million faces

  31. really interesting, even live 9 life I never see these things.

  32. I havent finishd this yet, YES, this is beutiful stuff man, I was thinking about how Obama entrains with Egypt via Africa, and Sidney Portier played "Obam" the Hawkman in the 60s, King Horus has made his way from the Nile all the way to DC. Thanks for your work man, vital perspective, keep up the great work brother! Peach in~

  33. These occult symbols lie everywhere today! But i'm asking myself the question "Do pop stars really know what god they serve?"

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