Setting Precedence: Patternist Podcast in Two Parts

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"Tyehimba Garvey Toure from The Patternist is interviewed by William Morgan from A Few Shots To Shaman. Together they discuss the difference between Sycromysticism as conspiracy theory and the opposing view as 'all as one' that's leading to their own conflict with each of those concepts. They then begin on into Toure's own work involving pop divas such as Beyonce Knowles and her relationship to Posthumanism and the sexualization of technology. These concepts are explored under the blanket theories of Marshall McLuhan and considered then as a natural progression of evolution. Topics such as the Global Village, the dissolving of the celebrity, using symbols in your own work, Tye's shying away from personal syncs, and the positive effect that sync has had on himself. Watch for the longer part 2 in which they explore race and the effect that the internet has had own their own bias..."

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"Tye continues his talk with Will discussing sync patterns such as the Messiah Warrior, Lions, the Left Eye, and Alien Racism. In fact they dive deep into the topic of racism and the 'New Racism', as well as the Internets effects on both their personal bias'. The collapse of Capitalism and other disasters that face Obama are touched on. Tye is then asked about his plans with sync and his thoughts on destiny leading to the similarities to himself and the lion sync pattern of his investigation involving Halie Selasi. Debates on symbols vs. self-made reality, negative interpretation vs positive interpretation, the truth of Hip-Hop, the 'Black Voice', and the Christ with in all man."

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  1. Very cool download. This should help me comprende synchromysticism better :-)


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