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[continued from previous chapter- Know / Now / No / Gnosis / Hypnosis..]

It's all in the eyes

In my last post, I tried to make some sense of the pop culture connections between Nick Cage and occult -"hidden"- knowledge, but I was sidetracked by the patterns around his ex-wife Patricia Arquette and her connections to the idea of a spiritual medium seen in her role in NBC's Medium and the movie Stigmata, which poses some interesting questions about possession and spiritual channeling undercutting the role of the modern christian church. There have been more than a few horror films based on the idea of demonic possession in the past few decades, and just about all of them use the virginal girl as the target, pointing to the meme of the mythic sacred feminine. The Virgin Mary was, in a way, "possessed" by God after all...

a girl and a tree

a girl and a tree in The Fountain

Act 3: The Possession of Mary
"The movie is loosely based on the discovery of the Gospel of Thomas and a verse therein (verse 77: Jesus said: I am the light that is over them all. I am the All; the All has come forth from me, and the All has attained unto me. Split a piece of wood and I am there. Raise up the stone, an ye shall find me there.) ; a document which the Vatican and most other Christians have declared as being the product of a heretic Gnostic group."

Patricia Arquette's divine possession; Is that a red hood?

The 1999 horror-drama-thriller Stigmata, starring our Medium-Messenger Patricia Arquette and End of Days' Gabriel Byrne, revolves around an atheist who receives six of the seven wounds of Jesus' torture, and becomes the blind conduit through which a deceased Brazilian priest relays the Gospel of St. Thomas, which -allegedly- are the actual words of Jesus Christ. The Catholic church spoke out, predictably, against the portrayal of the Vatican as sinister and oppressive, and Christian advocates voiced complaints that the scenes involving Arquette's divine trance looked a little too much like a demonic possession.

Arquette under the spell

The demonic imagery is blatant, and even I was struck by the violence in some scenes. Upon reflection, I was reminded of the infamous possession sequence of The Exorcist... as our main character experiences her first fit of divine demonic channeling, she happens to be taking a bath in an old style bathtub, reminiscent of Rachel Weisz's water-portal revelation with Keanu Reeves in Constantine and -to a more subtle degree- her bath scene with 2008 Oscar-host Hugh Jackman in The Fountain...

Weisz baptized in The Fountain

Exorcism in the Bath House with Shia LaBeouf in Constantine

bathtub wake-up from Inception

In both Constantine and The Mummy Series, Rachel Weisz plays a woman possessed, the holy/unholy medium... after Constantine's exploding bathtub scene (shown above), Weisz goes into a trance and blindly leads Neo to the answers he seeks...

...and in The Mummy, she shows the truth to Brendan Frasier by channeling a fictional princess named Nefertiri, synchronistically reflecting the famous wife of Akhenaton, Neferititi, popularly represented by an eerily one-eyed bust...

Weisz battling her dark reflection in The Mummy Returns

[ the eye ]

The predominantly european (roman-occupied) representation of Egypt in The Mummy is made more fitting by Weisz's next movie: in December 2009, Weisz will star in the historical drama Agora as the Roman Egyptian Hypatia of Alexandria.

Is she gazing at the tower's light or the moon-earth?

Staring directly at a partial eclipse can make you blind;
watching a full eclipse, however, is perfectly safe

From Wikipedia:
"Hypatia of Alexandria ... was a Greek scholar from Alexandria in Egypt, considered the first notable woman in mathematics, who also taught philosophy and astronomy. She lived in Roman Egypt, and was brutally killed by a Christian mob who blamed her for religious turmoil. She has been hailed as a 'valiant defender of science against religion..."

Hypatia, elephants, triple-goddesses and even Pan

Izzie/Isis/Hypatia, the Astronomer in The Fountain

Hypatia (HYP-atia) was a staunch and well-educated gnostic...

Weisz's Hypathia in Agora

...and may have been the first recorded victim of a Christian witch-burning; either before or after her brutal murder by a Christian mob, her flayed body was set ablaze, similar to Arquette's Medium at the end of Stigmata, and Jovovich's Joan in The Messenger.

Joan of Arc was burned alive as a heretic, but through posthumous sainthood was later (hypocritically) reborn, reflecting Milla Jovovich's Alice from Resident Evil, the mythical phoenix and the telepathic red queen Jean Grey...

Just as Nicolas Cage is shown the pattern of catastrophic numerology in Knowing, Arquette and Weisz -as women- are harshly punished and associated with the unholy for being chosen to reveal the Gnostic knowledge, the Knowing, the secret ancient truth...

The irony of the nature of gnosis and hypnosis in these historical and pop-culture references tells a strange story. What are these modern and ancient mythologies teaching all of us about the concept of unlocked knowledge? Is there a reason for the demonization of the process of divination (the act of channeling the spiritual), and the desecration of the sacred feminine Vessel? The self-inflicted hypnosis of meditation can help us all attain a closer walk with the spirit; with the phoenix-fire of gnosis, sacred knowledge of all, and the trance-sition through the pineal water door, maybe, hypocritically, we can reach out by reaching in...

the fire behind her eyes reflects the moonlight

The woman's natural affinity for the spirit -some call it premonition- holds a significant connection to the revelation of generational memory, the living knowledge of the ancient undead. Unfortunately, it appears that for the established order to maintain power, the holy hypnosis of fiery enlightenment through gnostic knowledge must, hypocritically, remain heresy.

But then again, what do I kNOw...


  1. The story of Hypatia of Alexandria is a brutal one. She was one of the last, great, most intelligent women teachers, astronomers, and mathematicians, as well as philosopher-astrologers, that the ancient world had known before the Romanist (read: Catholic) takeover of that learnéd city of Alexandria, Egypt. That teeming city was a repository of all the world's collected teachings up until the fourth century. Assassinated as a heretic by a group of thugs orchestrated by Bishop Cyril of Rome, her body was dragged through Alexandria's streets & finally flayed of its flesh with oyster shells (some accounts say broken pottery), then, alternately, fed to dogs or burned.

    I'm somewhat accelerated in the phenomenon recently dubbed the synchrosphere my(s)elf, Toure, and as a very young child of three, I'd gone blind for a day. I deem that that was one of my earliest trials by fire, if you will, one of many initiations that I endured & was thus made more 'Sensitive' from.

    Listening to Kate Bush's homage to the Maid of Orleans, Joan d'Arc, I nearly always break down & cry listening to it, "Joanni", from her last release, a double CD set, "Aerial".

    And, of course, then there's the Serpent Fire, another appellation for the Kundalini, which might rise through all seven of the chakras to catalyze Cosmic Consciousness, or, mightn't it enter through our crown chakra as well, inspiring us from an outside Source?

    Water, too, the universal skin that separates land masses from one another, is our first environment, nourishes all life on Earth, and helps us to provide passage from one state of being to another, is given especial import as a means of obtaining Gno-ledge of other worlds, as gleaned in this article of yours.

    It's good to have made your acquaintance,
    Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

  2. Great... You are using quick burst of information. It's like comics, relay the most information as you can in the smallest space possible(word bubble).... It makes my imagination go nuts... Thankyou.

  3. Nice post Toure. I've recently been looking at the movie Daredevil and referred to it several times in my latest post in relation to the Stigmata/Palms bleeding! Seems to fit in nicely with your recent syncs.

    Also couldn't help but notice that the Agora poster reminds of the The Fountain poster. Both have Weisz with her back turned to the viewer. In one we see the Black Sun, the other we see The Moon. During an eclipse the Moon effectively turns the Sun Black. I've been wondering if our Moon is a literal 'satellite' which helps transmit certain Kosmic signals onto the Earth.

    The Blind theme reminds of the phrase 'as blind as a bat'. Brings to mind the Devil again (responsible for possessing people etc), the 'why so Serious?' Batman, and the blind Dare-devil I mentioned earlier.
    I also mention a song in my latest post called 'Blinded by the Sun' by The Seahorses.

    Loving the sync-bleedthrough!

  4. Outstanding comments. I made a few adjustments inspired by the fire lit by the collective mind...

    Anadæ: the story of Hypatia really opened my eyes. How perfect that Rachel Weisz would be playing the character. Her murder, in a way, seems to reflect the burning of Alexandria itself. But that would mean that Alexandria must rise again... perhaps online? trancending the medium...

    Your comments on serpent-fire and transitional water caused me to make a few additions to this post. How perfect! Baptized by fire/swallowed by the abyss... the contradictory nature of water vs fire as elements poses it's own questions in light of this.

    Shaman: Thanks for the kudos; I really do try to make my points concise. My writing style reflects my thinking style; short controlled bursts of wildfire. This is both a strength and a weakness when traversing the pattern. oh, the hypocrisy!

    Arrowsmith: Thanks comin thru! As you can see I just had to put that Fountain poster in the post- I totally missed that one. How perfect. Your comments also got me thinking about eclipse blindness (i tried peeking at an eclipse as achild with no effect).

    I always thought Batman's ears looked like horns; and lucifer is sometimes shown with bat's wings.

    You and Jake recently connected hand-palms with palm trees giving even deeper meaning to the stigmata/hand stabbings. Hugh Jackman stabs a tree at the end of The Fountain right before he becomes one with the all.

  5. Hey Toure. Just been thinking about the crossovers (or X-overs) in our latest posts and I've been wondering about the link between Wolverine (that I mention) and Jean Grey/Phoenix (who you mention). Both seem to revolve around the Cyclops in the X-Men series, which links them both nicely with The Eye, but there's some other interesting connections as well.

    I associate the Phoenix with the Peacock, and I noticed in your last post that you linked Juno (Peacock resonator) with Red Riding Hood. Both the Phoenix (Wolverine) and Red Riding Hood (Big Bad Wolf) share the Canine connection. All three (Ellen Page/Juno/Kitty Pride, Jackman/Wolverine & Janssen/Phoenix) have been X-Men.

    While looking into the Phoenix (Bennu Bird) last year I discovered that it originated from the Sothic cycle of 1461 years, which is the exact lifespan of the Phoenix (according to the Egyptians).
    The Phoenix/Sothic Cycle happens to be governed by Sothis/Isis: the Dog-star Sirius. Here's an article you might find interesting:

    So the Phoenix/Sirius relationship seems to go back to ancient Egypt which makes me wonder why the Phoenix is a key symbol of Rebirth, and why the arrival of Sirius (our possible binary partner) is linked to this theme of transmutation, or 'Rising from the Ashes'.

    One last thing - in my lastest post I mentioned that the singer Chris Helme from The Seahorses came to visit the Highlands. He only came north to promote his new single which is simply entitled 'Ashes'.

    Hope that wasn't too long-winded, but the overlap in our work just seemed too much of a coincidence. Looking forward to more!

  6. p.s. Rachel Weisz obviously has Egyptian connections via her role as Evie in The Mummy. 'The Mummy' naturally resonates with the Egyptian Mummy Goddess Isis/Sothis/Sirius.

    Weisz played Izzie in The Fountain. When she collapses to the ground while inside a Mayan museum Jackman runs to her aid and shouts out 'Iz, Iz' as she falls.

    Iz Iz = Is Is = Isis

    So if Weisz represents Eve/Isis, and Jackman plays the role of Adam/Osiris (who turns Green in The Fountain), then it seems to make sense that his bones are made from 'ADAM-antium' in the X-Men, and his lover in this movie is the Phoenix/Sothis/Sirius/Isis.

    That's all....I'm empty now. :)

  7. I just got a free copy of The DaVinci Code (about to watch it now); your Eyeland cowboy Tom Hanks stars alongside a character named Sophie Neveu, the new sophia, resonating the rebirth of the gnostic sacred feminine...

    The X-Men syncs in our research fits perfectly; In the comments of your "Rainbow Wave" post, we discussed the cosmic evolution events of 2012. The "Ex-Men" story revolves around humanity grappling with next stage in evolution. I'm working on part 3 of my Hypnosis series right now, but I see more than enough here to write a post on the X-Men and the hard path of cosmic evolution we face. Earlier this year, I started work on a script for X-Men 4 based on the "Days of Future Past" storyline. I might need to crack it open again. Kitty Pryde and Jean Grey's daughter, the reborn phoenix, are key players.

    The seahorse syncs you're finding are very curious. The horse has always fascinated me, since childhood. Horses seemed (to me) to be engineered to be a perfect human transport, and much like dogs, they have become deeply connected to human history and culture.

    I remember that scene from The Fountain very well. Right before she passes out, she's explaining to Jackman the concept of death as a form of creation.

    Adam-mantium... of course.

    Interestingly, Wolverine and JeanGrey/Phoenix had sort of a forbidden love in the X-Men storyline, while Jean's feelings for Cyclops were played as "true love"; they even got married and spawned the new-sophia-phoenix i mentioned above (rachel summers). Jean Grey, the one-eyed woman + Cyclops, the one-eyed man = shared vision, sight beyond sight gained by coming together... the ending scene from the film Supernova comes to mind.

    The phoenix website was fascinating; i kinda got lost in it... i will definitely be revisiting that theme.

  8. Lovely syncs.

    Weisz twice in tub and as repeating stargazer, super duper!

    Plus you gave me some stuff to ad to the red c post up today or tomorrow.


    Be awesome

  9. Stunning patterns. Crazy synchs.

    Gave me alot to think about.

    Great post.

    The ALIEN Project

  10. mmm this was delicious - thanks for the feast!
    - now what did you think of those stargazing hot tub dwelling hybrids on BSG?

  11. I really never got into BSG... I've seen bits and pieces, and from what I've seen, the show seems chock full of mystical synchs. Isn't "The Last Scion" one of the show's major plotlines?

    I'd like to check out that hot tub stargazing scene if you can give me the episode number...

  12. I wish to experiment with hypnosis, I am a Death Survivor or a reserected human. My experience has made me question much and what I have discovered since my return, makes me certain that the answers we seek are indeed as Jesus said, "within". I could use some help however and that is hard to find.


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