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This is a comment left on an extraordinary post from The Secret Sun that just struck me...Anonymous

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"I have been keeping a synchronicity log and I must say, that for me at least, the number47 is a repeating theme. I think, in writing, or from a writers perspective, you want to cast theme upon your audience and let action points move the plot. Synchronicity, in my opinion, is becoming somewhat more real and or believable the more I monitor it. To say it another way, there are times you observe and are active or complicit in the exchange with the cosmos. And then there are other times where it is observing you. The handshake where those two meet, for me at least, has created an observable theme. Thus a light wielded at you and yet at times simply shadows cast upon you."

7:24 AM

Astronaut Theology: Witch Mountain and King Scorpion


  1. It's gettin' weird ain't it. However remeber that your gonna see more Jeep Cherokees if you drive one. Keepin' a log is gonna make your attention see more.

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  3. Well we know from quantum physics that observation has an effect on the world. It is my belief that synchronicity is spurred on by such observation. We also know that once something starts, it tends to grow exponentially. Like population, consciousness, and most recently, technology. Again I feel that the same is true with synchronicity. It is something that has been experienced by both my father and myself. This nameless person has both articulately and accurately expressed this phenomenon. And I say person, but really I like to think that thoughts expressed in anonymity are communications reaching out to us from the collective consciousness.


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