X-Tina Files (preview)

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Some of the latest from the new movement exposing the plain-sight programming of the music industry. This is just a preview; take a minute, let it sink in. Can't wait for this one. OrangeMoon is a sister after my own heart. Check out Psuedo-Occult Media's coverage for more background on Christina and her pop princess pals.

Checkerboard Christina with a One-Eyed Pink Panther


  1. I'm at work so I'll have to check out the video later. Just wanted to chime in and say that Christina Aguilera recently appeared on my radar thanks to her song: 'Genie in a Bottle'

    L'Aquila = city in Italy hit by earthquake
    L'Aguilera = Christina

    Here's Christina with the Concentric Circles. Thanks for highlighting her in this post...much to ponder...

  2. Concentric circles on her Wonder Woman-style armbands... I have a feeling I'm not done with miss Christina...

  3. Not by a long shot!!!

    Christina has wriggled her way into my next post and seems to have made herself at home. Look forward to seeing how she weaves herself into your own Pattern.

  4. Nice synchs. Makes you wonder if these young starlets are programmed like the girls in Dollhouse. This surely can't just be coincidence, can it?



  5. Andre, you should check out Ben Singleton's Pseudo Occult Media blog. He's got tons of research on young starlet dollhouse programming.


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