GodSun: Chapter 1 (Blackstar Video Addendum)

the short film embedded below is an attempt to express some of the concepts presented on this blog as parts of the BlackStar Research Line. i invite you to view the film and draw your own conclusions, but for more background on these ideas, i recommend checking out Black Star Resurrection: Lion is Lamb [chapter 1], Horus as Heresy: Legends of The Fallen Lie [chapter 2], and BSR3: Dark Fathers, Betrayal, Belief and Dream [chapter 3]. Also, look forward to the final fourth chapter coming soon.

a synchromystic analysis 

"khrist konsciousness is both the light of the sun of the dark father and the deep black of the endless abyss behind the mask of our ego. the dark messiah who brings the light represents the story of sacrifice, fall and ascension that is Us..."

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