Ciara Learns Hypnotism (updated)

"Hooking up with Justin Timberlake taught me all about hypnosis and how to get into people's minds. Now, thanks to JT, I feel like I can almost hypnotize the listener, take you to another place..."

-Ciara Harris, to The Daily Star

I know I was supposed to be done with this whole Ciara thing, but that quote was just too good. Hypnosis? Getting into people's minds? I've been going back and forth on my as-yet-unfinished "Hip-Hop Hypnosis" blog post for weeks now. Just a coincidence, right?

Super-C in a red-blue bullseye with dual pentagrams on her hands

More red-blue, more eye-heart C

How many times must one see a particular symbol or image before it becomes a pattern? At what point does imagery of Ciara focusing on a single eye no longer become stylistic coincidence?

one eye covered as the famous woman in the red dress
In the quote at the beginning of this post, Ciara seems to be openly admitting that her music, and Justin's, is really a form of mass hypnosis, and she learned the trick. I didn't even bring up the title of Ciara's newest single; Love Sex Magic, connecting this hypnosis with magic...

JT and Rihanna; same outfit, same hypnosis

Stuff like this makes me think that the powers-that-be behind the scenes (and by extension, the collective consciousness that I am) are beating us (myself) over the head with overt "clues" to the agenda. Images like the ones above appear to be pointing to a much more obvious pattern than your average sex-kitten pop-princess symbolism. Sometimes I wonder if the "clues" are being amp'ed up now that so many of us are becoming aware of them, in a conscious/subconscious attempt to hide them in plain sight. We have a tendency to associate the ubiquitous with the meaningless... However, if I take responsibility for the increase as an active creator of the pattern, perhaps I am simply still in need of more confirmation.

Justin smashing the egg with his leg/heel/sole

On confirmation:

An eerie (and previously unexplainable) image from Ciara's red robot pattern was confirmed by the work of my fellow researcher Arrowsmith in his study on the L'Aquila quake connecting the Ego/Eagle/Egg to the Leg...


Nothing strange here; just a robot helping a lady on a ladder with her shoes

...and then confirmation from Few Shots to Shaman's Jordan/23 studies came in the form of a video called "Stepped On My J'z" featuring the 23-year-old Ciara. The song is about getting a new pair of Jumpman Jordan sneakers (a.k.a. "J's") scuffed...


In the video, Ciara is shown wearing a small red purse around her ankle, again bringing focus to her leg, for more confirmation, thus connecting the themes of the all three of our studies together in one video (there's even a mention of the Jordan/rabbit movie Space Jam thrown in for good measure).


Sometimes, I try to remember what is was like to try and comprehend all this without the knowledge I now have of this pattern. Without the context of the Ego-Eye, or a Robot Agenda, or 3rd-Ear Gnosis, or any of the symbols and myths represented in the synch-web... could I really read something like that or see repeated imagery like this and just take it on face value, with no effect? Could anyone? Does anyone?


What is The Pattern? (revisited) C for Confirmation

"A pattern has an integrity independent of the medium by virtue of which you have received the information that it exists. Each of the chemical elements is a pattern integrity. Each individual is a pattern integrity. The pattern integrity of the human individual is evolutionary and not static."
R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983), U.S.American philosopher and inventor, in Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking (1975), Pattern Integrity 505.201
The second-ever post to this blog, what is a patternist?, was my impromptu attempt to describe the overwhelming depth of the perpetual research that my colleagues and I have dedicated so much time to. After watching last night's episode of NBC's Heroes, I felt the need to revisit that description. At the risk of playing into an over-abused cliche, I'm going to Webster for this one.

From Merriam-Webster Online;
"4: a natural or chance configuration; pattern of events>
7: a reliable sample of traits, acts, tendencies, or other observable characteristics of a person, group, or institution
10: a discernible coherent system based on the intended interrelationship of component parts
11: frequent or widespread incidence; pattern of dissent> pattern of violence>"
The purpose of this website has been to point out the occurrences of particular patterns that, as Fuller stated, transcend the medium of that initial element that brings the existence of that pattern to light. A mouthful, I know, but the last few posts are a great example; in the last full post, the pattern of the red robot was brought to light by a Nintendo commercial that just happened to feature Beyonce, an artist I associated with artificial intelligence in great depth long before I ever saw the commercial, and just happened to show a robot that turns red. This, in addition to some undeniably Witchblade-esque Ciara cover art, reminded me of an image of a red robot carrying r&b artist Ciara that I saw on a YouTube video analyzing Ciara and her connection to the "Robot Agenda", as it were. As I began to document these connections, I came across dozens of articles and blogs connecting Ciara to Beyonce, and more than a few of them mentioned the costume designer Theirry Mugler. Then I went to Mugler's website and saw the perfume "Angel" which had been featured in an ad my co-contributor emailed me (because of reflection imagery already mentioned) weeks before I even began to analyze Beyonce and her robots.

The Pattern began with a commercial, but after a little research, the connections transcended pop music, or video games, or film, or even wide-scale globalist agenda. The pattern transcended the research itself, and began to poke it's head out in the goings on of my daily life. The pattern transcended the time in which the actual research occurred, reaching backwards into previous patterns I'd written about and to films of the 1920's, while simultaneously reaching forward into connections that I hadn't even realized were there under my nose, into patterns that I had yet to see.

But I'm getting ahead of myself... Heroes:

The reason I felt the need to revisit the concept of The Pattern came while watching "I Am Sylar", episode 24 of the third season of Heroes. Overlooking the recent significance of 3's in my research, I noticed that episode 24 aired on April 20th, 024 on 420, and that the episode was titled I AM, reflecting the self-affirming naming device seen in Beyonce's I Am... Sasha Fierce, Madonna's new documentary I Am Because We Are (watch in full), Will Smith's uniquely-titled I Am Legend, and the translation of the Hebrew name for God, Yahweh (I am that I am).

The phrase I Am is the recognition of the self, the I (the eye), or the Ego, and such recognition is a tell-tale sign of self-awareness.

But again, I digress.

The episode focuses on a reccuring villain named Gabriel Gray (remember the angel Gabriel from Angels and Aliens) who calls himself Sylar, and is by far the most powerful character in the show's cast. Sylar is played by Zachary Quinto, the actor set to play the iconic Cmdr Spock in J.J. Abram's Bad Robot remake of Star Trek. The casting choice couldn't have been more perfect.

blue one-eye right, red feminine left

As a side note, Spock is known for his trademark "Live Long and Prosper" hand sign, the Vulcan salute, reflecting the sacred V and, by extension, the color red (see Few Shots to Shaman's study on the V and the Egg/Ego for more). The one time-traveler on Heroes, Hiro Nakamura, is a huge fan of Star Trek, and the show's producers make no secret of his affinity for the V-sign.

On Heroes, Sylar can read, understand and even steal the DNA of other characters, in turn taking their supernatural abilities, and has recently gained the ability to shapeshift. Because of this new ablity, he begins to have an identity crisis. He spends the episode conversing with the spirit of his deceased mother, who is actually a product of his own fractured psyche; an alter-Ego.

Sylar remembers stabbing MoMs in the heart

Sylar's mom holds Isis in a globe

Dead Momma Sylar forgives her son with a halo behind her head

After much debate with his MoM/Ego(egg)/Self, Sylar eventually forgives himself for his mother's accidental murder. Mother Sylar tells him he could be anything, "even President of the United States", so Sylar takes the form of Nathan Petrelli, a super-powered senator with the gift of flight (Superman working for the government), and holds a press conference in which he promises to bring "real change" to Washington.

Sylar plays a Senator...

...as the real senator watches from the checkerboard

Alongside this identity realization, another type of self-affirmation occurs. Ando Masahashi, a character who has spent three seasons as a sidekick to the time-traveling Hiro Nakamura, chooses a superhero name for himself. The name he chooses for his alter-Ego is Crimson Arc.

A red C turned sideways forms a crimson arch. The researcher who introduced me to -and coined the term- synchromysticism, Jake Kotze, recently put together a video analysis of the pattern of the Arch in his own research, and connected the Red-C to the Red Eye, reflecting the red eye-Ego connections that started showing up in my Beyonce-bot studies.

Over at Jake's blog, The Blob, the work done here at The Patternist was first referenced in a post called C-ing Red. The inspiration for my Angels and Aliens post came from artwork showing Ciara as Super-C in red armor. Are you seeing a pattern yet?

The first Red Si at CentrePortal

Red Si shoutout at The Blob

C-ing Ciara in Red at The Patternist

These connections are not arbitrary, and therefore cannot be simply dismissed as coincidence. A coincidence is a connection that occurs by chance, without any deeper meaning. The choice to name Ando's character Crimson Arc had specific meaning, as did all the other references to the color red, the eye and the letter C. The pattern's significance doesn't come from the acknowledgment of the repetition, it comes from the shared meaning. The I-Self-Ego is hypocritically both a unique perspective and a part of the All-Pattern/Collective Conciousness. The theme of the I-self contradiction, the self-seeing Ego Eye, transcends all these fields and media and spins a complex narrative that cannot exist randomly. As Webster put it, "a discernible coherent system based on the intended interrelationship of component parts." This pattern is intentional and so is its meaning.

Who, or what, then, is responsible for that intent?
God? The Universe?
Who is creating this pattern?

Oh, right. I am.

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