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Below is a comment left by an anonymous patternist over at Chris Knowles' Secret Sun, in response to the new Transformers trailer (embedded below). Speaking of bumblebees...

and Vengeance...

Anonymous said...

"does anyone know where the crash site is in Texas for the pick'up truck size "meteor" ?? they dont even know for certain what the heck it was. should i be ducking now?? i mean really! those pictures of the satellites all over our precious wonderful Earth are HORRIBLE! my gosh if I was Earth and had to hear all the blabbering all the time I would go insane!


poor wittle Earth....
we need to find supersized headphones for her so she can get some peace -- at least for a moment. crash site anyone? going to watch that vid now -- thanks CK! (is that okay if I call you that?)


Transformers: New Trailer
Feb 16, 2009



not-so-anonymous comments


"...The search for aliens should thus begin at home in a 'mission to Earth'... "

It is the height of arrogance and ignorance that leads the human race to assume that they are completely alone in the entire universe- simply because we, in our infinite wisdom, can't find evidence that life exists in places we have never been.

Life exists- even potentially parallel to us here.

Mark Brown, Franklin, USA

The Bible, including Jesus, clearly talks about life that is not based in dna, realms of created beings that are not physical, including demons that can indwell us and alter who we are, causing our souls to replicate their nature into the world. We are vessels for them. Read the Bible.

drew, Phx, USA

Why is Energy not classified as a life form? It exists in all aspects of comprehension, all realms. There must be a form of energy for any form of existence of anything.

Tim, Cincinnati, USA

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